Friday, December 2, 2016

Family Fleece

Our family is often cold. We try to find ways to stay warm. Fleece jackets aren't the most stylish clothes in the world, but they sure are cozy and warm. I found these fleece for the kids are few days ago for $4.97. It was a great deal. Tonight I texted this picture to Laura. She and I are always joking how we need more fleece. We have a very love/hate relationship with fleece. We love it because it keeps us warm and cozy, but we hate it because it's not fashionable and looks boring. 

Laura calls me laughing hysterically. 

She had been browsing the Old Navy website looking for new fleece. As she was looking at fleece, she got a text from LeAnne saying she wished she had a fleece because she was cold tonight. So Laura started laughing because LeAnne texted her that message as she was looking at fleece. As she continued to look for fleece, she got another text. It was from me sending her the picture of the kids excited about their new fleece. 

So apparently, all 3 sisters were thinking of fleece at exactly the same time! A love of fleece must be genetic! Although I never see Mom and Dad wear fleece...

The word "fleece" is started to look strange to me. I must have typed it too much! 

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