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Christmas in Yakima

Since Jeremy worked on Christmas, we did not have a chance to celebrate Christmas Day with any of his family. However, today, we celebrated the 6th day of Christmas with them! We're still within the 12 days of Christmas so it works! 

Papa Ray and Kim got a new house so the kids got to see it for the first time. Kim had it all decorated and it looked great! 

Having dinner. Kim did a fabulous job making a Nathan safe meal! 

Before they dug into all their presents. 

Elizabeth's new dollies. 

Nathan wanted stuffed fish and he got them! Here is his new stuffed trout. 

Elizabeth got some pretty sparkly headbands. 

Nathan got a stuffed catfish!

He also got a cool arrow set. 

The kids spent a LONG time playing in the hot tub. Then, they spent a long time playing hide and seek in the new house. As it turns out, the new house is a great place to play hide and seek! There are secret passage ways and lonely toilets rooms! Very fun for kids!! They could have played there all day long. 

Jeremy and I wearing the new hats that LeAnne got for us. Thanks LeAnne. They were very cozy on a day like today! 

Elizabeth got a "Mega Gemstone Mine Kit." The minute we got home, she wanted to dig in. She's finding gemstones in a big brick of plaster. As I type this, she has found 3. She's dug 1 out, but 2 are still in the extraction process. 


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