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Here are our eclipse photos. We supposedly saw 96% of the sun covered. It got kind of like just after sunset and it definitely got way colder. Our shadows were kind of wavy too so that was neat. It was just an eerie kind of feeling outside. Really neat though. 
You just had to drive an hour south to get the full 100% eclipse and the pictures of the people who did that were amazing! I kind of wish we had tried it. One friend said it was super easy getting down there, but it took them an extra 1.5 hours to get back. She said it was worth it though to experience the total eclipse! 
Checking the sun in our cool glasses. 

Jeremy woke up a few hours early just to experience the eclipse. He used binoculars to make some neat shadows of the moon. 

You can't really tell in this picture, but the light got really weird for 10:23 in the morning. We were surprised it got so cold so fast and you could look up at the sun and your face didn't get warm!  

Stuffed Animal House

Nathan has a big hobby. He loves to collect stuffed animals. He's up to 144. He has been doing this for years. He had 2 nets hanging in his room. One collapsed like 10 times and Jeremy decided he wasn't putting it back up! So, Jeremy decided that for Nathan's birthday, they were going to create an animal "house" for his stuffed animals. They worked on it together and painted it purple which is Nathan's favorite color (and our town's school color). 
This is the finished product. Sadly, it is only half full of stuffed animals. Nathan wants to leave those others up in the net and just collect more for the "house." Yes, that is a big black spider climbing up the side of the "house." I call it an animal "jail" but he doesn't like that name because he says his animals are not lawbreakers. 
Since it's made this way, it's easy for him to reach in and out and grab animals. He chooses an "animal of the day" every…

Day 10 Vacation-Badlands

We made a stop in the Badlands. It was really neat to see. We were now heading West again and were on our way home! 

Off to Montana! We knew we would be there awhile...

Day 9 Vacation-Dunn County Museum

While on our North Dakota visit, my cousin took us to see the Dunn County Museum. 
The sign for the town my grandma was born in. I guess I didn't actually take any pictures of the town...but it is a  little further down the road. 

While we were at the museum, Elizabeth came across this Barbie she really liked. When we looked closer and read the label, we realized the Barbie belonged to her Great-Great Grandma! What a coincidence! 

Nathan said this was his favorite area of the museum. 

Elizabeth enjoyed these little houses. She thought they were a lot like doll houses. 

More little buildings. 

A picture with my cousin at the museum. She did a lot of work with the museum so is quite proud of it. 

The museum had a 1 room schoolhouse that had been moved to the site. This was the kids 4th 1-room schoolhouse on our trip! They have seen their fair share of schools like the ones Laura Ingalls Wilder taught in. 

Day 9 Vacation-North Dakota

The next stop on our trip was my relatives house in North Dakota! My grandma was from North Dakota and quite a few relatives live in the area.  I hadn't been there in 20 years and had never met the younger relatives! 
My relatives have a cattle ranch and had horses for the kids to ride. Even after Elizabeth's big hive incidence in South Dakota, she was determined to try again...this time wearing long sleeves and pants! 
Elizabeth's cousin led her around on her horse. Success! No hives! She was really happy about that. It was so nice of our cousins to lead everyone around and drive us all around. 

Nathan getting led around. 

I had not been on a horse in...wait for it...20 years. Needless to say, it was not like riding a bike and I had no clue what I was doing. I used to ride alone no problem. It's sad I lost that ability. 

And...a picture of the last person on a horse. This was actually Jeremy's very first time ever on a horse. 

My cousins had kittens at their hous…

Day 8 Vacation-Fort Mandan

We had spent a lot of time visiting South Dakota so it was time to move on to North Dakota! 
Our first stop was Fort Mandan. Nathan has always been a big Lewis and Clark fan. Fort Mandan was where Lewis and and Clark spent the winter of 1804-05. It's on the Missouri River and it's right near the Hidatsa and Mandan villages. It was here that Lewis and Clark met Sacajawea. 
This is not the original fort. It had already burned to the ground when Lewis and Clark headed home the next year.  This is a rebuilt replica. Luckily, Clark had left detailed plans so it's very much like the original. 
Once you entered the Fort, this is what you see. It was rather triangle shaped. Basically, it was just "bedrooms" for everyone, a blacksmith room, a storage room, and a food storage room. There were about 9-10 rooms. 

North Dakota!! We were basically following a rainstorm. It was kind of funny. It seemed to follow us wherever we turned. However, once we got to Fort Mandan, we ha…