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December Weather

Here is the sun report for December. 

Sunny: 15
Some Sun/Some Clouds: 5
Cloudy: 11
We had  6 snowy days. 
We had  1 day with some fog. 
We had  0 days with some rain. 
We had 2  days with crazy wind (over 20 mph)

It was cold this month!! We think it was colder than usual. It was interesting that we had 0 days of rain because it was always too cold to rain. Instead, we had snow! We had a couple of really good snowfalls (two days of 4-6 inches of snow) and a few days where there were 2 inches or less. We only had 1 day with any fog. 

Our yearly total for 2016 through December: 

Sunny: 235 days
Some sun/some clouds: 63 days
Cloudy: 68 days

Snow: 9 days
Fog: 14 days
Rain: 47 days
Crazy Winds (over 20 mph): 27 days
Smoke from Fires: 2 days


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