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Q&A with Elizabeth

Elizabeth's Q&A

What's your favorite color?
Pink!. No, all the colors in the world. 

If you could give Mommy any gift, what would it be?
A purple and pink telescope. 

If you could give Daddy any gift, what would it be?
A green telescope. 

If you could give Nathan any gift, what would it be?
All the colors in the world telescope. 

What's your favorite game?
Smash Down (smashing onto couch cushions)

What's your favorite dinner?
Noodles and Cheese AND Chicken and yellow rice

What's your favorite dessert?
Christmas cookies and candy canes

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A teacher first and then be a Mom like you. 

What is Daddy's job?
Police Officer

What is Mommy's job?
Taking care of kids

Where is your favorite place to go?
To Grams and the beach

What does Mommy always say to you?
She loves me. 

Q&A with Nathan

Nathan's Q&A

What's your favorite color?
All the colors in the world. 

If you could give Mommy any gift, what would it be?

If you could give Daddy any gift, what would it be?
A tablesaw

If you could give Elizabeth any gift, what would it be?
A Mulan doll

What's your favorite game?

What's your favorite dinner?

What's your favorite dessert?

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A scientist that studies sharks. 

What is Daddy's job?
A police officer

What is Mommy's job?
Take care of me. 

Where is your favorite place to go?
Oregon Coast

What does Mommy always say to you?
I love you. 

Christmas Day

It was a small Christmas at our house this year. A lot of people were working or sick. 
Pippa and Elizabeth had matching red bows!

Olive dancing!

Nathan played Santa and passed around the gifts. 

Nathan playing the fun flashpad air that Gram got for him. Papa is learning. 

Pippa got Laura these playing cards so the girls are playing Go Fish. 

Laura and Pippa!

More red bows. 

Pippa patiently waiting to see if any ham would fall her way...

We did some family photos. 

Christmas Eve

We opened our presents Christmas Eve this year. Here are some of the fun things the kids will play with now!
Nathan picked out this cute turtle for Elizabeth. She loves it!

Thanks for the cool towels and cups Grandma Pam!

A fun Disney princess castle!

Jeremy is ready to fly!

Nathan likes to I got him a punching bag! Elizabeth got Elsa and company. 

Nathan really wanted a stuffed shark. Elizabeth loves Tinkerbell!

Lite Bright and a fun world map! Thanks Grandma Pam!

Thanks for the Spirograph and Barbies Auntie LeAnne and Uncle Rick!

She was so excited to get the two fairy sisters together!

Nathan did some punching!! 

Gingerbread Cookies!

The kids decorated some fun gingerbread cookies! 

First Day of Winter

We took a picture of our shadows at high noon on the very first day of winter. Look how long they are! We'll repeat this picture on June 21st at noon to see how short our shadows are. 
(I was kneeling. Nathan is not that tall compared to me! Not yet, anyway!!) 

The First Christmas

Papa Ray and Kim came down to celebrate an early Christmas! We had lunch and opened presents! Kim did very well as usual. 
Some fun art sets. 

Cute Santa headbands. 

Nathan got a remote control vehicle and Elizabeth got a fun My Little Pony castle!! 

Elizabeth showing Papa Ray all the neat stuff on his new calendar. 

A great picture!

Her new pony castle. 


Shooting Rockets at Reindeer

Yesterday was a nice day so I got the kids outside to play. They played with the stomp rocket. A few times, they hit the reindeer next door. Luckily, foam rockets don't hurt anything. 

Elizabeth's School Play

Elizabeth's preschool did a Christmas play called "Twas the Night Before Christmas." Two classes joined together to make it great! 
She was a bit nervous. She got to be a sugar plum fairy!

The sugar plum fairies lining up way across from us. Elizabeth will be easy to pick out in the pictures because she's the one in red (that isn't Santa). 

The mice waiting in front of the tree. 

The snowflakes getting ready!

On stage were the parents and their children at home. 

The sugar plum fairies sang a song and danced across. 

They were spinning in circles. 

Santa and his reindeer showed up! I guess I didn't get a good picture of the reindeer. 

After the play, the two classes sang Christmas songs for us! Elizabeth saw I had the camera out. 

Ho, ho, ho! Who wouldn't know?

All 40 kids!


Nathan is sure on a reading streak! 
He read these 4 chapter books in ONE day! He got 10/10 on his AR test for 3 of them. The last test he got a 9/10. So I guess he's comprehending what he's reading! 

I got him some new cute doggie pajamas. He just loves them!