Saturday, December 17, 2016

105 degrees

It's been cold at our house lately. Not as cold as most places have been, but cold for us.

Today, Jeremy checked the thermometer in our house. It keeps track of the highest and lowest temperatures of the year. We had a good laugh as he clicked through the buttons.

The highest temperature our thermometer hit this year was 107 (in August).

The lowest temperature our thermometer hit this year was 2 (today).

In one year, our temperature can vary 105 degrees. That seems pretty incredible to me! But then, I suppose we live in the desert and deserts are known for extreme temperature variations.

I don't know how accurate the thermometer actually is. It's in the shade right next to the house. So our summer temps could actually have been higher in the summer if it had been placed in the sun. Also, our winter temperature could have really been a little lower since the thermometer is right next to the warm house.

Our temperature spread could possibly be 110 degrees!

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