Thursday, March 18, 2010

A perfect morning includes:

Watching Thomas and Friends in your pajamas, on your motorcycle, while holding your stuffed duck, and eating sausage, Rice Chex and Oat Milk.

When Thomas is over and you're done eating, you can drive around on your motorcycle with Duck as navigator.

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's already March 15?

Our little Elizabeth is coming up on 5 weeks old. She's as cute as can be! She's a fussy/colicky baby though. Not suprising as Nathan was as well. When she's awake, you have to constantly be finding ways to keep her from fussing/crying. She's not a content girl!

I don't think it's allergies though. Her weight gain has been fine. She does have a rash on her could be eczema (possible sign of food allergies). I think she's just colicky. Her hobbies still include sleeping and eating and crying! She loves to watch Nathan though. She likes to listen to me read to him. It must be my voice!

Nathan is adjusting to baby. Some days he will still tell me-" Baby back Dr. Brasch." He doesn't want her around at times and doesn't like it when I bring her into his room. He continues to have fun at preschool. He loves to paint and is getting better at doing the "academic" projects like coloring. He's still not a big fan of coloring though! He also LOVES to play outside in his sandbox. Now that it's warmer out, it's his new favorite thing to do. He's getting so much better at independent play. He used to stick by my side all day, but now that I have Elizabeth, he plays very well on his own. He's getting so big!

I'm doing much better at adjusting to having 2 kids to take care of. It was a little overwhelming at first (and of course still is a lot of the time), but I'm getting things figured out. Now if only Elizabeth would figure out how to sleep more at night!

So mostly our last 5 weeks have been trying to keep Elizabeth content and trying to make sure Nathan gets some attention!

Nathan and Daddy raking up all those pine needles. Nathan is being a ham.

Elizabeth's 1 month picture

The changing table is one of the few places she'll stay content. Most of the time when she's awake, she likes to fuss and cry. She'll stay here a good 5 minutes!

I think this picture accurately describes what bath time is like every night!

Thanks to Ray and Kim, I have a fabulous new jogging stroller! I hope I can use it a lot.

Sleeping with her bottom in the air! So cute!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rainforest Jungle Gym

Karen and Ilene sent Elizabeth this GREAT gym! We were so excited to get a big box in the mail. Jeremy and Nathan went to setting it up right away.

First, we decided to try and see if Elizabeth liked it. She didn't seem to get it quite yet. I can't wait until she's a little bigger and bats around at those toys. It will be so cute!

Well, of course Nathan couldn't let the baby get the attention so he took his turn too.

Daddy couldn't resist. What fun!!

After it was all set up, Nathan decided to help Elizabeth figure out how it works. Very cute!

Last Day of School

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