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Eating some lunch

Time for lunch! Nathan loves his states placemat. He likes to point out all the spots he knows. He'll point to where Auntie LeAnne lives in Utah. He'll point to where our neighbors come from in Texas. He'll show me where Grandma Jane is from the tiniest state there is. He likes to create road trips for Miss Jennie (his imaginary friend). Miss Jennie is quite the traveler!

Watching TV

Nathan likes to watch some TV when he gets up in the morning. He eats some cereal and lounges. I think it's hilarious how he sets up his stuffed animals right next to him and they watch too.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Elizabeth loves to sing. Her favorite song right now is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." The funny part is that she doesn't know how to end the song. She'll just keep repeating the verses over and over. If you tell her it's a nice song, she'll say "I'm almost done" and she'll keep singing for 10 minutes! It's pretty cute. It's handy it's the same tune as the ABC song as she loves to sing her ABC's too.

Field Trip to the Planetarium

Nathan's preschool took a field trip to the new planetarium at Spokane Falls Community College. He had a great time! He said his favorite part was watching the sun come up on one side of the dome and then go all the way across the sky and go down on the other side.

Waiting to go inside. They had little movies about space.

The lighting inside was a neat light pink color.

This was looking up at the "sky." We watched it get lighter and darker and watched the sun set. Then, we watched a movie that explored all the planets and space. It was really cool!

Grandma Pam came to visit!

Grandma Pam came to visit this weekend! The kids had a lot of fun playing. Nathan and Grandma spent a lot of time building with megablocks. She brought some fun Veggie Tales movies and books that Nathan loves!


Our rule is that the kids must hold someone's hand in parking lots.

It's the only time Nathan will really hold my hand any more so I take complete advantage of this. His little hand is still so small and soft and I just love walking into stores with him. I'll miss this a lot some day! He never complains about the rule and knows it's important. It's adorable.

Bathtub Gymnastics

Mom gets a little nervous at bathtime when the kids want to do "pushups" in the tub. I had to snap a picture though.

Let's hope these pushups do not lead to big head bonks! I tell them not to do them.


We had some good "snowman" snow on Valentine's Day. Here's Nathan with his snowman!

In true Nathan fashion, he knocked it over about 5 minutes after the picture was taken.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Elizabeth is wearing her hearts shirt. Nathan is wearing a red shirt, but he doesn't always want to have his picture taken.

The shirt wasn't all! She also has a jacket with hearts on it.

Time to go to the preschool party!

Valentine's Day cards

Nathan worked really hard on his Valentines this year. He wrote the names of all his classmates on this cards and created some cards for the grandparents and Uncles and Aunts. He had a lot of fun. Elizabeth did some good coloring.

Elizabeth's 2nd birthday party

Happy Birthday!

She blew out the candle like a pro!

Eating cupcakes with Aunt Laura at her new little table.

No, you cannot have my cupcake Papa Ray!

Playing her new xylophone at her table.

Fun new car ramp! She LOVES this new toy.

Games with Papa Ray

New Xylophone

New bath toys

More new bath toys

Fun dress up clothes!!

She's getting good at opening presents

Eating her birthday lunch with Papa Ray. She wanted the Hello Kitty plates!

Me with my adorable 2 year old girl!

Balloon bonking games with Kim

Balloon bonking games with Papa Ray

Balloon bonking games with Papa Norm

Balloons are so much fun!

Static games are quite fun too.

Elizabeth with her presents

Elizabeth with her Gram

Ag Expo

Papa Norm came up on Thursday to take Nathan to the Ag Expo at the Spokane Convention Center. Here are some photos.

Riding the shuttle bus over to the convention center. Nathan ate his lunch on the way!

Nathan loves the big combines. He can climb all the way up there by himself. He says it's his favorite part.

Sitting on a little Kubota. He said it was ok, but he likes Papa's 3 big Kubotas better.

It's fun to eat lollipops in tractor tires.

A bucket John Deere

Elizabeth is 2!

Happy birthday!

It's hard to believe but Elizabeth is 2 today! She thinks she's 4 and she acts like a 4 year old. She wants to be Nathan and does EVERYTHING he does.

I find her so cute I just want to squish her all the time. I spend my days hugging and kissing her. Yes, this might seem a bit ridiculous but I just can't help myself! It starts in the morning when she's in her crib in her footie jams saying "Hi Mama! Morning! Good sleep." I just can't wait to hold her and start talking to her about our day and all the things she's excited about. She always wants all her stuffed animals out of her crib.

She loves going to preschool. Nathan is technically the one in preschool, but I bring her with us so she gets a lot out of it. She can sing her entire ABC's and counts to 16. She knows all her basic colors and most of her basic shapes. She can sing and dance to the hokie pokie, twinkle twinkle, patty cake, the chicken dance, and head shoulders, knees an…

Out for walks!

When the weather is sunny and there's not too much snow covering the roads we go for walks! Yes, we still have snow but it's melted enough I can get the stroller out of the shop and onto the road with only minor trouble.

Elizabeth loves to drink milk, eat crackers and talk about the things we see. I like to bundle her up like a little eskimo baby. It's just so fun!

Pondering life

Elizabeth loves to ponder life while drinking her bottle of milk. It's so cute!

Tube Towel

I know I've done a tube towel post before, but she's just so cute in her tube towel!!


We deposited a check today at the bank. The teller gave us 2 lollipops. We gave them to the kids. Elizabeth is not quite sure how to suck on a lollipop yet. She just takes bites. I asked her how it tasted. She said, "Delicious Mom!"
It was cute. Nathan was trying to show her to how lick it rather than bite it.

Before and After

I know he looks sad in the second photo, but it's a facade. He likes to build towers but enjoys knocking them over even more.


Nathan has been teaching Elizabeth to ride a broom. I wonder when Quidditch tryouts are?