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The kids had a fun Halloween! Gosh, they got a lot of candy! They couldn't eat most of it due to the allergies, but that's why we buy a ton to switch out the candy they can't have. Jeremy and I have a LOT of Snickers, Butterfingers, Reeses, etc, to eat! We don't mind. 

This year, we had a wolf and a cheetah. Nathan's wolf costume was kind of a hybrid. We got him a new wolf top, but he wore his old dog bottoms that Auntie Laura made for him a few years ago. They barely fit and were a bit short, but they were great since they were white and had a tail! We like to recycle!  Elizabeth's was a cheetah (even though I'm pretty sure it was a leopard...). She said she was a cheetah. Like always, we were glad for warm costumes tonight. It wasn't too cold, but we did have some passing showers. Luckily, we managed to avoid the showers for the most part and they did a lot of trick r treating! 

I took a few pictures before it got too dark outside. Across the street,…

A little story

Elizabeth wrote this little story all by herself! The only word I had to help her spell was "named." She loves to write and has really been trying to spell words lately. 

Flu Shot Day

We had flu shots a week or so ago. The kids had their flu shots done at the allergist's office since Nathan is severely allergic to eggs. They get their shots and we wait 30 minutes to make sure Nathan doesn't have a reaction. Last year, there was no reaction.   This year, there was a huge welt there! They put on a little anti-histamine cream and he was ok. 
Last year, the kids and I got the shot and didn't get the flu. Jeremy didn't get the shot and did get the flu. Since that happened, I decided to make sure the kids and I got the shot again even though there will always be the chance of Nathan reacting to the egg in the shot. 
I had to get the flu shot at one of the school districts flu clinics so after the kids' shots, we drove over to a school and I had my shot done. While I was in line for my shot, the kids and Jeremy played outside on the toys. It was a beautiful fall day so I snapped a few pictures as we were leaving. 

Parktime Play

After the Wives of Law Enforcement picture, I took the kids to play. I had promised that if they waited patiently during all the picture stuff that I would let them play here. They sure played! They were about the only kids there and had a great time. 

See how sweaty Nathan's hair is from playing so hard? 

They had a slide game going on. 

The trees were looking so pretty in the park!

The burning bushes are all turning red too!

Halloween Baskets of Fun!

Papa Ray and Kim came to visit! They brought Halloween baskets full of art supplies, candy, and other fun things like swords! 

Law Enforcement Wives

There was a large gathering today of many of the Law Enforcement wives in the area.  There were a lot of people who wanted to be there but had prior plans. It was in support of our husbands. Some women took charge and ordered us shirts, got a professional photographer, police cars, etc. 
It was really fun! 
There were wives from 7 (I think)  different departments there. The photographer took a huge group photo of all of us in front of all the police cars. 
The photos below are just of the wives from our department. These were the amateur photos. 

Harvest Party

Our neighbor put on her fantastic fall block party! It's always such fun every year. We all brought food and she had some great games out to play. She held the party a week early this year, and the weather was fantastic! It was a bit warm-mid 70's. The weather usually makes the big change to fall around the third week of October so it was smart to move the party up a week. 
Here are Nathan and Sawyer racing with spoons of sunflower seeds. Since Nathan was racing a 3 year old, he won. Sadly, Elizabeth could not take part in the game due to the sunflower seeds. We also didn't feel comfortable with either kid bobbing for apples either just because what if someone else had just eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Not worth the risk. 

Nathan hanging upside down. A girl from Elizabeth's classroom was at the party. Elizabeth and Alice played together in the little fort. 
Here's the pumpkin roll. These little boys were so cute! 

Here's Nathan doing the pumpkin r…


The kids had their Jogathon today! It was a perfect day weather wise. Warm enough so you weren't cold, but cold enough you weren't too hot while running! I got to mark laps off for Nathan's class. 
Before the running, Nathan's class did some warm ups and stretching. Nathan wanted to take his glasses off for running. For those of you who might not recognize him without glasses, he's in the WSU Cougar sweatshirt on the left in front. 

Here he is coming around during one of his first few laps. His teacher is marking off his lap. They all had a giant sticky note on their back for easy marking! 

As Nathan was getting his back checked, Elizabeth ran by! At this time, Nathan also decided he was too hot to wear his sweatshirt. We had to take it off, take off the giant sticky note, and then reapply it to his short sleeve shirt underneath! 

During one of the laps, they ran by together so I grabbed them for a picture!

Here's a picture of Nathan running in the red shirt a…