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Elizabeth's haircut

Elizabeth got her preschool haircut!

We added a few bows and then she played with play dough. 

Yes, all of our play dough is currently green. Apparently, it is the color you get when you mix all the colors together. 

New Sandbox!

The kids have a new sandbox! It's not as big as our Pasco "sandbox" but it's pretty big. Jeremy did a fantastic job putting it together. 

 He picked a good spot.


Dumping in sand

The kids did not actually fill the sandbox with sand. Jeremy bought 2 truckloads and used the wheelbarrow to bring it over to the sandbox. 

Finished product!  It's an 8x8 sandbox. 64 square feet of fun! 

Nathan's First Baseball Game

A lot of people had fun at the Dust Devils game!
Papa Norm, Gram, Uncle Brian and Auntie Laura all came down to watch a baseball game! It was Nathan's first baseball game. Elizabeth and I were unable to attend due to her recent diagnosis of pink eye and ear infections. She needed to get to bed on time. 

The Dust Devils played the Everett Aquasocks. 

Nathan drank this whole water bottle and had to go to the bathroom 4 times! He also enjoyed the way the seat squeaked. 

A cute picture!

During the 7th inning stretch, Nathan went out on the field and sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" with some other kids. He didn't know the words. 
3 Wakeman boys! 

Uncle Brian games

Uncle Brian came to visit and go to a baseball game. The kids LOVE playing silly games with Uncle Brian. He's good at the roughhousing. 

New Treadmill

We've got a new treadmill in this house. I finally just wore the other treadmill out. I managed to create a big rut right down the middle. It was ok to walk on, but really annoying to run on. Considering the treadmill was 12 years old, I think it lived a pretty good life! Now we just don't know what to do with it. Offer it to someone for free? Take it to the dump? Maybe Jeremy will take out the motor and do some experiments of some kind. 

Here is Jeremy setting up the new treadmill for me. It's just fantastic! I love it! He suffered a toe injury doing this for me. Thank you Jeremy! 

Art Projects

Nathan enjoys his art projects! He has decided to make Elizabeth a kitchen. 
Here are 2 microwaves. 

                                                    Here, he is measuring for the cupboards. Those little pieces of cardboard will be the doors you open.

All on a Sunday

We had an "eventful" day today. Nathan finally woke up with clear eyes and hardly any coughing! YAY!  Then Elizabeth woke up and said her ears really hurt AND she had a small fever. Fantastic. A trip to Urgent Care confirmed she has a double ear infection. However, no sign of the pink eye or bronchitis Nathan is recovering from! Yay! The pharmacy we normally use (Yokes) wasn't open on Sunday so we took the prescription to Walmart. That was crazy. Then Nathan pouted that Elizabeth's medicine was pink and his was only white. She's quite proud of her pink medicine. 
We came home and Nathan went hunting. He has his bows, his arrow, his sword, his hatchet, and a gun tucked into his pocket. He likes to hunt birds. 
Shooting his bow and arrow. Birthday presents.
Elizabeth was feeling better after some medicine and decided to practice writing some letters. Meanwhile, Jeremy was working on making the kids a new sandbox. I did not get a picture of this. 

My big helpers cu…

Stalking the Fence Builder

Our next door neighbor hired a company to come put up the fence. We'll split the cost with him. Nathan was SO excited when the fence guys came and starting putting in the posts. He watched all the steps. Then today when they actually started putting up boards, Nathan just went over and watched and was almost right in the guy's face. The guy was kind of laughing and smiling so I don't think he minded too much.  And in these pictures, our back lawn looks pretty good! The grass is still actually very thin. It's good enough for walking on though. 

This was just today. Nathan was up and around and feeling much better. He'd come down with a fever on Sunday and we canceled his birthday party. For 2 days, he had a fever and was laying around. We thought it was the flu. I finally took him to the doctor on Wednesday when pus started coming out of his eyes. Turns out the fever was there because he has 2 ear infections and bronchitis and pink eye! The doctor said one virus li…

Playing at Papa and Grandma Jane's

Driving the little Kubota is always a big hit. Nathan gets better every time! Pippa likes to ride along too. 

Gram got Elizabeth this My Little Pony nightlight in hopes our little girl will sleep better at Papa and Gram's. Sadly, it did not work. She just does not sleep well away from home...and therefore no one gets good sleep!

Nathan opened his presents from Auntie Laura! He got some fun building things and a Puppy sight words game! Laura, I do think Pippa looks like a fluffy teddy in this picture. Her paws are still white...

Nathan likes to help Papa with work. Papa was mowing the lawn. He dumps the grass clippings in the tractor and Nathan tried to rake them flat. 

Time to go dump the grass clippings! Nathan sure loves to drive!

Papa and Gram bought some plastic in hopes of making a good slip and slide. It wasn't slippery enough! When we were kids, we always used black hay tarps. Either they changed the formula of the plastic over the years or the black was more slippery,…

Turning 6 at Papa Norm and Grandma Jane's

Jeremy left for a week to go to the Explorer's Academy in Maple Valley. The kids and I spent the first 3 days at home and then headed up to Royal on Thursday. Laura was there too. Thursday was Nathan's birthday. He was very sad that Jeremy was gone for his birthday but we planned on having the party on Sunday when Jeremy got back.  We had cupcakes and opened some presents on Nathan's birthday. It's a good thing we did! Nathan was very sick the morning of his birthday party on Sunday and we had to cancel. I'm writing this on Tuesday and he's still sick! He's never been down this long and I'm taking him to the doctor tomorrow.  He has a fever on and off and won't eat much.  Here are some pictures of him opening his presents on his actual birthday when we were in Royal. 
He's really learning to tell time with this clock! 

A Space puzzle. 
This is an archery set that he LOVES and says is the best present ever. 

A cement truck of course...he loves t…

Pictures from Swimming Lessons

We just finished swimming lessons for the summer! For my own future reference, we did 4 weeks this summer. Elizabeth is a Jellyfish and Nathan is a Starfish. I made sure to get some pictures on their last day!

During Elizabeth's lesson, Nathan likes to jump in the deep end...over and over and over again. 

Jumping in!

Elizabeth doing her zooms with Teacher Jen. 

Teacher Keith threw her across the pool. She loved it! I captured it. I never manage to do that. 

Doing her kicks. 
On the last day of swimming lessons, they go to the outside pool and jump off the diving board. Teacher Keith took her to the end of the diving board and...
Teacher Jen was waiting to catch her! 
She had a great jump!
Nathan's last day of swimming lessons just happened to be his birthday. The class sang him happy birthday and he was a bit embarrassed! They also had their last class in the outside pool because someone in Elizabeth's class (not Elizabeth) did their business in the pool...

Practicing his…