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March Weather

Here is the sun report for March!

Sunny: 18
Some sun/some clouds: 6
Cloudy: 7

We had 0 snowy days.
We had 0 foggy days.
We had 7 days with some rain.
We had 5 days with crazy wind (Over 20 mph).

March definitely came in like a lion and out like a lamb. The first day of March was cloudy and rainy. Today, it's perfectly sunny and 74 degrees!

Our yearly total for 2016 through March:

Sunny: 39 days
Some sun/some clouds: 25 days
Cloudy: 27 days

Snow: 3 days
Fog: 9 days
Rain: 19 days
Crazy Winds (over 20 mph): 6 days

Easter Dinner

I didn't take many pictures on Easter, but here is Jeremy cutting up the ham. Notice a lurker in the background? Someone stood just out of the way and watched him cut that ham. She was just still as could be. 

Easter Eggs and Baskets

Everyone dyed some eggs! Nathan doesn't seem to have any issues touching the outside of eggs so he dyes them and then I eat them! 

They found their Easter baskets we hid. See my little Easter bunny with her cute ears? 

Weeds and stuffed animals

I think I take too many pictures of the kids.   They ask me to take pictures of them with weird stuff all the time. 
Nathan wanted his picture taken with a dandelion. I guess it was the first one he found this spring?

Elizabeth wanted her picture taken with a stuffed animal she has had forever. 

Fairy Garden

Elizabeth made a cute fairy garden at Charlotte's birthday party. When she came home, she made 2 more fairy gardens with supplies she found around the house. 

Tree Climbing

We had such a beautiful weekend. After Pippa's Easter Egg hunt, the kids wanted to play more at the park! We came back later without any dogs, and the kids played and played climbing the trees and throwing rocks in the water. 

Dog Easter Egg Hunt

A local park had a "Dog Easter Egg Hunt" yesterday. Laura came down and we took Pippa. It turns out there weren't eggs to search for. There were just treats all over the ground. Pippa found lots of treats, but wouldn't eat them. They were all-natural and organic so  apparently Pippa likes junk food. 
Sniffing around for treats.

The kids tried to lead her to some treats. 

Nathan pointing out a good spot. 

Pippa had no interest in ANY of the dogs until she found TWO other doodles. She sniffed those doodles and conferred with them about something. It was so cute! 

Here are 3 doodles. A white one, a Pippa, and a small brownish one. 

They talked about something! Maybe they somehow knew they were the same breed? 

A nice picture in the park. 

Pippa wanted to go swimming in the Columbia River. 

Nathan likes to look at wild birds. He said the favorite part of his day wasn't the Easter egg hunt. It was when a seagull flew right over our heads and literally pooped 4 feet a…

Elizabeth's Hobby

Elizabeth likes to work on math problems for fun sometimes. It's so cute! I hope we will finally have a math person in the family! 

Skate Night

Here are the kids at the last Skate Night of the year. This was during the song where you had to have a partner. It's so hard to get good pictures inside that place! Elizabeth has sure been making amazing progress skating! 

5 year Flashback

2nd Grade Musical

The second grade performed a musical the other night. It was called "How The Groundhog Stole Valentine's Day. " It was supposed to be performed a month ago, but the teacher had a terrible case of the flu that week so they had to postpone it. Therefore, they did the musical the other night! 
In the musical, the groundhog stole a Valentine and caused problems for the children. The second grade sang 5 songs plus the dialogue some of the children spoke. Nathan did not want a speaking part. 
I tried to zoom in on him singing. 

He smiled right at the camera here! You can see the groundhog in the background in his den. 

There was another whole group of second graders on the other side of the stage too but I didn't take pictures of them.