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Nathan's Trip to the Nutritionist

Spokane on a late summer day

Nathan looking out over the city. He's not afraid of heights!

Our allergist suggested we take Nathan to a nutritionist. Today, we headed to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital to visit with her. Truthfully, we didn't learn too much we didn't already know. She did however, help us to figure out a way to use less formula.

I finished nursing Nathan a couple of weeks ago. He was just done, and I was sick of not being able to eat anything.

Anyway, the formula we use costs about $25 a gallon. He's been going through about 2 gallons a week. He drinks so much, because he needs the fat and protein from it since he can't eat so many other foods that people normally eat to get these nutrients. If you do the math, that is over $200 a month just on his special milk. I don't want to have to go back to work just to buy this stuff!

She helped us figure a way for him to still get what needs, but if we use rice or oat milk with a few scoops of the fo…

Not Already!

I had to turn on the heat this morning! NOOOO!!!!! Here I just turned it off in June, and it's back on already. Granted, it won't be on for long, and it's supposed to hit 80 today, but still!

Nathan's severe allergies

For anyone that doesn't know, our little Nathan has severe food allergies. He is allergic to milk products, eggs, peanuts, and all other tree nuts. So far, he's had one anaphylactic reaction to a small amount of whey protein (milk byproduct) that was in a rice cereal. When this happened, he broke out in hives, his throat began swelling up, and he was struggling to breathe. Luckily, that was it. However, with each exposure to an allergen, the reaction will become worse and worse. Of course I have an epi-pen at all times.

Since he just turned 1 and has been home with me, it's been easy to keep him away from foods he can't have, and I haven't worried too much.

Things changed today, and I don't know how I'm going to handle the future.

We were at church in the cry room. There was another baby in there probably about 18 months old. He was eating Cheez-its and kept offering them to Nathan. Also, he and Nathan were kind of playing together and I knew this child'…

One Year Pictures

We finally got Nathan's 1 year pictures done today!! We've had to wait forever for his face to heal! Poor little guy and his bruises and rugburns. The pictures came out super cute. I can't wait for them to email them to me. He also had fun playing at the Kid's Area at the mall.

The house is finally getting painted! Jeremy has spent all summer putting in new windows. He only has one left to do. They look so good. Since this was such a big job, we decided to just spend the money and have a pro paint the house. Painting the house is such a big job, and Jeremy doesn't have the time!

They are coming to power wash tomorrow. The house will dry for a week and then they'll paint! We've decided to go with a medium taupe with white trim and black shutters. Hopefully it will look good!

Jeremy worked yet another overtime shift yesterday. He is now regularly working at least 50 hours a week.