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Christmas Eve Eve

We did our family Christmas celebration today. Jeremy starts his workweek tomorrow and we never know when he will be home from work in the evenings, so we made sure to celebrate on his day off! 

However, Nathan was sick. He was sick yesterday with coughing and a sore throat and a fever and when he woke up this morning, his temperature was 103. We called the doctor and they said to keep him on ibuprofen and tylenol. He laid around most of the day. However, by the afternoon, he perked up a bit and his fever went away. We opened presents and he actually ate some Christmas dinner. He hadn't eaten much of anything for nearly 2 days. 

In front of our tree. Nathan was in his pajamas all day. 

Opening presents! Elizabeth was so excited to get a rock tumbler. It was her second favorite present...after the box of rocks I got her which she was thrilled about. This kid LOVES rocks. 

Jeremy opening a present. 

Elizabeth with her presents. 

Nathan with his presents. He's wearing his Davy Crockett dress up clothes he got for Christmas. He was very excited to get his new bb gun and some camo clothes so he can hunt those yucky pigeons at Papa Norm's! 

Nathan wanted to show off his new gun and his new army helmet. He loves historical hats and says he loves adding to his "historical hats collection". His favorite has been his Civil War hat, but he seems to be really loving his army helmet. He's been wearing it all day and tried to go to sleep in it but it wasn't comfortable. 

He wanted to do a serious pose. Also, these are new pajamas he got for Christmas as well. 


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