Monday, November 22, 2010

First Snow

Nathan cleaning snow off the truck

Mom, I can't move!

Elizabeth watching the action

Well, we had our first snow last night. I'm estimating about 2 inches. Who knows how much more is to come!

Nathan is going to be a big helper this year. This morning, we went and shoveled out the cars. He used his little broom to help quite a lot actually!!

He wanted to make a snowman, but the snow just wasn't quite right.

I love bundling up Elizabeth in her pink winter gear. It's so CUTE!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Elizabeth jumping

Elizabeth is 9 months old

The best photo I could get! She just crawls away.

I finally had to take the cushions off the couch and kind of "trap" her to take a picture! She wasn't happy about this!

Elizabeth is 9 months! Here are some milestones:

She's about 17 pounds.

She's eating a lot of different foods. She can self feed puffs and crunchies. I just introduced the meats tonight. She wasn't terribly impressed yet!

She nurses about 7 times a day.

She is still up twice at night...a good day is when I can get both kids down for naps at the same time in the afternoon so I can take a nap to make up for getting up at night!

Generally, she takes a good morning and afternoon nap. During her morning nap, I get some good quality time with Nathan to play with playdough, paint, read, color, etc. He loves this time when he gets full attention!

She's an extremely fast crawler and pulls herself up on everything.

She does a little bit of cruising.

She's beginning to get a little bit interested in books. She's mostly just eaten them, but is finally starting to pay a bit of attention.

She finally loves her jump jump! I'm going to try to put up a video.

She adores Nathan and laughs every time he pays attention to her (which is seldom)
Her favorite game is when we pull off the couch cushions and pillows and let her play there.

She is very attached to Mommy and wants to be near me at all times. It's endearing! She's like a little shadow.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Nathan is still not a big fan of Elizabeth. Mostly he just ignores her and spends his time making sure he takes his toys far away from where she is.

However, the last few nights, he has consented to take a bath with her. It usually lasts only a few minutes before he wants her out and starts pushing her around. But here's a picture!

Jeremy's 31st birthday

Singing Happy Birthday

Blowing out the candles

Papa Ray playtime

Jeremy is now 31!

Papa Ray came over to visit. We had the "Joey Special" for dinner. 2 pizzas. We went and bought a cheesecake since Jeremy loves cheesecake. We also made a regular cake that Nathan can eat too.

We even had "1" and "3" candles from Nathan's previous birthdays so it worked out quite well!


It's the time of year for our big bloom of roses.