Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Bust

Stevens County made a huge pot bust! 25,000 plants worth $80 million dollars on the Spokane Reservation. They had to keep it quiet for a few days due to drug dealers not being the nicest people. The county wanted to keep the deputies and other law enforcment officers safe. Good job everybody!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nathan's Beat Up Face

Nathan has been walking for all of a week and a half now. He is getting good enough that he is now trying to run all over. It is the cutest thing. However, he (and I) have been in tears several times as he likes to injure himself! He got a good black eye and cheek on Monday as he ran toward a chair, misjudged how far it was, and then fell onto it face first. It was finally starting to look better when today, he injured himself again! He tripped over a toy and fell face first on the carpet. I just assumed he was scared and in a little pain from the big bonk. This was the case, but he also got a terrible rug burn! It's oozing and bleeding and looks just horrible.

We've been trying to take him in to get his 1 year pictures done!! At this rate, he'll be 2 by the time he doesn't look all beat up.

Also, I'm nervous to take him out in public, as people will probably want to call CPS on me! My mother-in-law happens to be the CPS person for this area, so I would hope nothing would come of it if it happened. But I would sure be suspicious if I saw a child looking like this. I sure hope this is normal for 1 year olds to always be falling into things. I just don't want him to be permantly bruised.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nathan's First Birthday Party!

Nathan's 1st birthday was August 15th, but I was in Royal City for my 10 year class reunion. I couldn't miss that! It was nice to see some of my old classmates. We graduated with about 50 people, but only 13 came to the reunion, so needless to say I talked to everyone!

While at the farm in Royal, Nathan went on his first tractor ride with Grandpa. He didn't seem too impressed. Maybe next year, he'll be more excited!

Jeremy was at home in Suncrest working so we didn't want to have a party without Daddy there!

Therefore, we had his birthday party this past weekend! It went really well! Nathan even took his morning nap beforehand so he was in a good mood for the party. All the grandparents, aunts, and uncles were there. LeAnne and Rick even flew up from Boise for the big day! That was great.

The only bad thing is that we've got a little toddler now who likes to bang into things!! The other day, he didn't judge distance correctly and fell onto a chair hard. He has a big black eye!

Since Nathan is allergic to milk, eggs, and all nuts, I attempted to make an egg and milk free cake. It came out ok using egg replacer but was a little mushy. I made a regular cake too in case it didn't come out well. However, Nathan wanted nothing to do with it! He kept pushing it away and shaking his head. Maybe he doesn't like chocolate?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Neighbor Day

We took Nathan to the annual Suncrest "Neighbor Day" celebration today. I forgot to bring the camera so don't have any pictures. Of course, alot of people knew Jeremy although some don't recognize him out of uniform!

There was a big inflatable Fire Truck for kids to jump in. Nathan looked really interested so Jeremy took him in. Nathan was just more interested in trying to play with the big kids! It was cute to watch them bounce around in there though.

Nathan also liked playing on the soft grass. The grass at our house is itchy and pokey, so I never like to set him down in it because he doesn't like it. But the grass at the church was SO soft! He had fun crawling around.

Friday, August 1, 2008

New windows!

Jeremy got another new window put in this weekend!! He's only got 4 more to go. Hopefully, if he can do one every weekend, he'll be done in a month. Then, we're just going to hire someone to paint the house. The paint is peeling so badly and it needs to be done. With all the overtime Jeremy's been doing, it will be easiest to pay someone!

Nathan has a couple of new tricks! He can reach his hands up when you say "so big" and do it with him! It's pretty cute. He also likes to shake his head like "no." I don't think he understands he's saying no, but I'm sure he will soon enough! He's also begun kind of pointing at things. It's more with his whole hand, but sometimes he'll stick his little finger out.

When we go on our walk every day, he likes to point to people approaching on bikes, rollerblades, and motorcycles. He also likes to point at dogs we see. And there are a lot of dogs around here!

We went over to the neighbors' house today and picked a WHOLE bunch of raspberries. They are so good. We were thinking of making jam, but I think they're going to be eaten before we actually get to that point!

I'm so sad July is over! It's always my most favorite month of the year. The weather is always awesome and you can go spend time outside every day. Plus, back when I was teaching you always got the whole month off. Well, besides workshops.

Not that August isn't great too, but with the August weather you sometimes get forest fires and smoke. Then who wants to go outside? Hopefully, we'll have another good fire season without a lot of serious fires. We had a lot of snow this winter, so I'm hoping for the best! Fires are so scary.

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