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Nathan's Amazing Feat

Earlier today, we found Nathan playing in a puddle of liquid in the kitchen. We couldn't find out where the puddle originated. There were no sippy cups around, no apparent spills.

We notice Nathan keeps pulling at his pants around his knees and we thought he was just showing us his knees. Apparently though, the side of his diaper had fallen off and the diaper had slipped down his leg.

Somehow with amazing precision, he had managed to squirt right through the buttons on his pants since he still wears pants with the snaps. His pants weren't even wet. We laughed pretty hard. The kid has talent. Daddy was very proud.

Nothing too exciting going on these days. Jeremy works a lot. In fact, today he has a union meeting on his day off. It's slowly warming up to the low 40's so I can finally take Nathan out on some stroller walks for short periods of time before he gets too cold. I'm attempting to do Bloomsday this year which means I need to get up to being able to walk 7 mi…

Tag of Fourths

This is the photo tag, where you post the 4th photo from the 4th folder of your pictures. Here's my photo. It's from the folder labeled "San Diego" and is a picture looking out from the airport in Las Vegas. It was taken a few weeks ago.

I took the picture because I really enjoyed seeing some scenery I hadn't seen before! I loved the far away bare mountains. AND the rain falling from those big dark clouds. I'm not very good at photography, but just thought it looked cool outside. As you can see, we flew on Southwest Airlines.

I have no idea who to tag, so if anyone wants to, go for it!

It's a Teddy Bear World!

Nathan is obsessed with teddy bears. It's really funny. Every time he sees a teddy bear, his eyes light up and he squeals with delight. Every single time. He finds every teddy bear in every book. He can find minute, tiny little teddy bears on the pajamas of children in books. In any book, he will flip through the pages as fast as he can just to find out if there are any teddies.

When we leave the house and go to a store, we'll set him down to let him toddle. His teddy bear radar turns on and no matter what store he is in (Home Depot, Sears, Grocery Store, The Bank), he'll find a teddy bear. He goes on a mission, and will ALWAYS end up finding one. Perhaps he just likes teddies so much because they ARE everywhere and are a constant in his life. We swear he can smell them out the way vampires smell blood.

Valentine's Day is coming up. There are teddy bears EVERYWHERE! Huge displays of them. Rows and rows of teddy bears. In Walmart there was a 20 foot tower of teddy bears.…