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Tulip Festival!

We went to the Tulip Festival! We've lived in the state for 35 years and had never been. It was a good time to check it out. Since we were over visiting anyway, we drove over to the tulips. By some miracle, there was no traffic and no rain. I hear this is not always the case. We went late in  the evening so maybe that was partly why. Plus, the tulips bloomed early this year and maybe people were not aware of that fact. 
We mostly posed by the many beautiful tulips. 

The red, white, and blue was a fun display. 

The daffodils were almost done. We got there just in time!

The mud was the kids favorite part. We all wore our boots so there were no problems!

They thought the flowers were pretty, but the mud trumped the flowers. 

The kids wanted pictures in front of every color of tulip. 

Here are the red. 

It was a great evening. It wasn't even cold! There were low clouds, but no rain!

The red and yellow tulips. 

The purple tulips. 

Elizabeth and I wearing purple by the purple tulip…

Cutest 4 year Olds Ever

I was putting up Elizabeth's new 5 year old photos and came across both kids photos at 4 years old. 
They were such cute 4 year olds!! 

The Many Faces of Elizabeth

Once again, we present the many parts a 5 year old can play in one day. 
A nice clean leprechaun for school. 

Coming home, the same child can play in the mud and do a face plant right into the mud. She cried and cried until I wiped all the mud off her face. It would have been a funny picture. 

And lastly, she pretends to be a mermaid in my old blanket. She thrashes around on the floor and tries to turn the blanket into a tail fin. 

All in one day. 5 year olds sure have energy!

Nerf Guns

We met Jean Coy down at the local gas station just off the highway. The kids love the gas station because it's a Cougar themed place. Jean was nice enough to give the kids their own nerf guns and ammo. They've been playing with them a lot! 

Everyone had to pose with Butch. 

Charlotte's Party

Charlotte had a 5th birthday party that had a Frozen theme. Elizabeth's dolls were used in the making of the cake, so she thought that was pretty neat. 
Here is Elizabeth posing with the cake. Isn't it fantastic?

The kids had snacks. The little sandwiches even had vegenaise so Nathan could eat them! (Charlotte's brother is also allergic to milk and eggs). 

Everyone pinned the nose on Olaf. 

Elizabeth's turn. 

Nathan's turn. 
They scooped up snow!

Nathan scooping snow. 
Elizabeth scooping snow. 
Happy 5th birthday Charlotte!