Thursday, July 31, 2014

Swimming Lessons

The kids are finishing up their swim lessons for the summer. I remembered to take a few pictures. 

Nathan swimming while Elizabeth plays on the stairs. 

Elizabeth's turn with Teacher Jen!

Nathan doing headstands during Elizabeth's turn. 

Elizabeth swimming

Water Dancing and Singing. You could hear her all over the room. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tiny watermelon

I think we're going to get some watermelons! We've got a few cute little ones that keep getting bigger. The kids wanted to take a picture of how "cute" the tiny watermelons are. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Who Needs a Splash Park?

They enjoy running through sprinklers even more!

Nathan's also been practicing hitting off his tee. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

July Fun

Papa had wheat to be harvested which meant a combine. We just had to go visit. Jeremy had to work extra overtime for boat races anyway, so we zipped up to the farm for a short visit. 

Elizabeth wanted her picture by the tall corn. 

She climbed the whole ladder like this. Interesting. 

Throwing rocks in the pond. 

Throwing rocks in the canal. 

Waiting for the combine. 

Standing next to the wheat. 

Watching the combine approach. 

Papa Norm is not a huge wheat farmer so he hires a neighbor to come combine. 

Climbing up!

Watching the wheat get gobbled up!

At one point, the driver took the combine off GPS so Nathan could manually combine this little row. With a 30 foot header, he was sure to get that little swath in!

Nathan turning the combine around. He had to really turn that steering wheel!

Watching all the wheat pour out!

They look so small!

Other fun included playing Care Bears with Gram

Watching Pippa get her teeth brushed didn't appear to be too interesting this time. 

Having Auntie Laura paint nails is always a hit!

Showing off her pretty nails. 

Papa Norm was busy cutting hay. Elizabeth wanted to help. 

There they go!

They came back! 

A little slip and sliding. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Blue Day

Nathan decided it was a blue day. He came out of his room wearing all blue and made his blue stuffed animals the "Animals of the Day." 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Evenings at the Track

When Jeremy is at work in the evenings, the kids and I like to drive over to the neighborhood middle school and have fun! 

They climb and ride bikes. 

We run and walk around the track. 

Nathan's favorite new activity is long jumping. He just jumps over and over and over. 

Somehow this cute little kid smiles the entire time he's running. He's having that much fun! 

Sprints and jumps are great exercise so I did some sprinting and jumping too. Nathan wanted to take pictures. 

I guess I have fun when running too since I'm also smiling. A good sprint will do that. 

Elizabeth did her fair share of jumps. She runs down the whole runway and does her best to jump from the very end. 

After awhile, she decided that this is an AWESOME sandbox. Now, we bring buckets and shovels for her while Nathan and I run around the track and jump. 

Nathan still jumping. I have no idea why this child does not get tired. He will just run and jump. We got there at 6 and didn't leave until almost 8 and he didn't want to stop! 

Climbing light poles

They also like to ride bikes through the puddles from the sprinklers. 

Big empty parking lots are such great places to ride! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Neighborhood Band

We have a fun neighborhood band. There are 4 instruments and only 3 kids so they kept trading off. It was pretty cute! We'll have to get a few more kids involved. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A visit to Dr. Brynne

Auntie Laura has a cute dog named Pippa. Pippa needed her yearly vet checkup. Auntie Laura brought her down here for her checkup so Pippa could see Dr. Brynne!

Pippa was a bit nervous on the car ride to the vet, but had some nice kids to keep her company and help her be brave. 

When we got to the vet clinic, Pippa was quite interested in the dog food area...

Waiting patiently in the waiting room. 

Pippa did very well during her checkup. She didn't even need a shot. They put the shot into her nose!

Dr. Brynne let the kids listen to Pippa's heartbeat! Here is Nathan listening. 

Pippa weighs the same as Elizabeth. Pippa is at a healthy weight and her teeth look good. Dr. Brynne says those are the most important things! 

After her checkup, Pippa went on to the groomer to have her bath, hair buzzed and her nails trimmed. We did not get to see this part. 

Pippa was worn out after all this excitement! She had to take a long nap. 

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