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San Diego Vacation!

Laura and I just got back from a vacation to San Diego. Laura had the week off and wanted to head south out of the snow. Jeremy knew I needed a break, so he took a few days off work so I could go! He and Nathan had some quality father/son time together.

Neither Laura or I had ever been to California before! We took a flight out of Spokane to Las Vegas (another place neither of us had been). We found the slot machines in the airport quite entertaining. From there, we got on an empty flight to San Diego. We each had our own empty row of seats to stretch out in.

When we got to San Diego, we were delighted to see blue sky and palm trees! In January, the temperatures are only in the 70's but we didn't care. That's still really warm! We stayed at a hotel on Mission Bay a short walk from the beach. Our first afternoon there, we spent hanging out around the beach. Laura loved the palm trees as she had never seen one in real life before.

The next day, we spent the day at Sea World!…

Our Funny Little Boy

Nathan has been doing some of the funniest things lately. I decided I need to get some of these written down, and this seems as good of place as any!

Today, I was taking his bag of diapers out of the diaper pail and he automatically went to get me the Lysol spray. It's funny how he knows what he's "supposed" to do next.

He's obsessed with anything having to do with teddy bears. He points at them everywhere and will point to every teddy bear in every book and smile and laugh.

Every single time he puts an olive on his finger, he laughs. Every single time. You'd think it would become old sometime!

We have a sign language book with pictures of a bunch of different little kids. There is one little girl he just LOVES though. There are 2 pictures of her, and he will flip through the book to find the pictures of her so he can smile at her and giggle a little. He smiles at some of the other girls too, but completely flips past the boys. It's funny how that is at suc…