More Sprinkler Fun

We headed up to the farm again this weekend to head to a family reunion. The kids couldn't wait for the circle to come around again. This day, it was nice and hot so they weren't freezing!! 

She got a little dirty. 
After the fun. 
They were thrilled to find the whirlpool still going strong. 
A rock mountain! It's Elizabeth's dream! 
Darth Vader. 

My shadow for the evening. Laura wasn't there and this dog would not leave me alone !!! 


Another year of VBS is done. I helped in the kitchen again making and taking care of the allergy kids. I don't get a chance to take many pictures. 
Here is half of Nathan's group. I dropped them off early so only 3/6 kids were there. Nathan had Sam as his crew leader again. That is 3 years in a row! Next year will be Nathan's last year of VBS and Sam's last year as crew leader so I think I will request him so Nathan can have him all 4 possible years. Nathan missed the first 3 days of VBS this week as he was at Cub Scouts Day Camp with Jeremy. Jeremy did not take even one picture at Day Camp so I cannot write about that. The other boy in the picture was in Nathan's den at Day Camp so he was only at VBS for 2 days as well. 

Elizabeth's crew leader this year was Abby. None of the rest of her group were there when I dropped her off. 
I took a picture of Nathan's group at snack time. 

Elizabeth at a snack time. 


Our pink hydrangeas are looking pretty! There are a few that are a slight purple so maybe someday if I keep up on adding acid, we will have a few blue flowers. Someday...


Great Uncle Ron has been wanting to take the kids out fishing. He is an exceptional fisherman and a great guide. He was fishing up north so we made the journey up to do some fishing. The kids were sure they would catch fish with an experienced fisherman! 
They had some lessons. 

At first, the kids tried to catch fish by casting right off the shore. That didn't work. 

Trying to fish off the shore and not having any luck. 
Great Uncle Ron took Papa Norm and the kids out. They trolled around out there for a long time, but it was worth it! 
When they returned, they had FOUR fish!! 
Elizabeth caught 2 salmon and Nathan caught a salmon and a trout. They were very excited. The fish were Elizabeth's first catch! 
Great Uncle Ron showed the kids how to clean the fish. 
The 2 brothers.
 Uncle Ron also cooked some burgers for us and we had a great lunch. Gram brought up some of her salads and fruits and special cupcakes! 

On the way home, we took a short detour down the highway to see f…

Dry Falls

On our way to our fishing adventure, we stopped to visit Dry Falls. 

Nathan was keeping his fingers crossed he wouldn't fall! 

Happy Birthday Pippa!

Pippa is 5 years old today! She had a birthday celebration yesterday. She got a hot dog, a candle and even a birthday crown! That hot dog was gone in a second. 

End Gun Fun

We made a quick trip up to Papa Norm and Gram's in order to head up on a fishing outing. The kids had great fun playing in the end gun. They raced the water to try to outrun it. It didn't always work, although sometimes they managed to do it! 

I like this picture because you can see the exact spot the water is coming down on her.