Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Villager Reunion

We headed over the mountains for a Villager family weekend. 

The kids like to find volcanoes. At this rest stop, you could see both Adams and Rainier. A little higher up the hill and you can see the top of St. Helens too. 

Another picture in front of the volcanoes. 

Eating lunch at the rest area. 

Out to dinner in Arlington. Elizabeth played with her little cousin Amelia. 

Grandma Helen has a fun elliptical. They liked to fight over who got to "exercise" so we gave them both a spot. 

Swimming at the hotel. 

We went on a ferry ride around the San Juan Islands. Here's Grandma Pam!

Family photo on the ferry. Yes, Laura. I managed to get 2 sweatshirts on! Jeremy was perfectly comfortable with 72 degrees on the water. I was not. 

Looking out over the water. 

They found another volcano! There is Mt. Baker in the background. 

The 3 of us in front of Mt. Baker. 

They loved to dock at the islands and stood at the very front to watch the ferry dock.  They  also loved watching the cars drive on and off!

Uncle John brought a picnic lunch. Thanks Uncle John!

Grandma Helen, Uncle John, and Aunt Teri enjoying the views. 

The little kids found a grasshopper on the ferry window and had fun playing with it. 

It was a beautiful day!! 

Grandma Pam and Nathan in front of the volcano. 

Jeremy and Elizabeth down below on the car deck. 

Waving hello!!

Another ferry. 

Here are cousin Becky and her husband Mark and little girl Mirabelle. 

Nathan found a lot of seaweed and wanted to bring it all home. That did not happen. 

He had to have a picture on top of the rock. 

Hanging out at Grandma's house. Elizabeth is eating with cousin Joseph who is 10. He was so nice to her! His little sister Amelia is the same age as Elizabeth so he's used to little girls. 

John, Rod, Teri, Susie and Porter eating some pizza!

The big kids were nice about playing Red Light/Green Light with the little kids. 

Green light!

The big boys Brian and Porter liked to swing the little kids. Here is Nathan swinging!

Elizabeth swinging!

Uncle Rod got a picture of the 4 of us playing on the beach. He was up on the ferry. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July

Auntie Laura came down for the 4th of July! Jeremy had to work. We just stayed in our neighborhood and watched the fireworks. Of the 4 Tri-Cities, our city is the only one that still allows fireworks. So....everyone comes over here to watch and blow up fireworks. We had a lot of neighbors all around us that spent a lot of money on fireworks so we watched for free! It was great! Non-stop fireworks for over 2 hours. By 10:30 Elizabeth was lying down in the driveway and I thought she was going to fall asleep right there. She said she was going to stay awake until the last firework. Nathan started to cry he was so tired, but refused to go to bed before Elizabeth. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore and went to bed about 10:50. Elizabeth powered her way through and I convinced her to get into her pajamas and finally got her into bed around 11:15. 
Did they sleep in the next morning because they were up 3 hours past their bedtime. NOPE! Well, about a half hour or so. So July 5th, Elizabeth was pretty cranky. 

Doing some sparklers. 

I managed to get a picture of a few fireworks in the background! 

Saturday, July 5, 2014


We took advantage of the free summer bowling program for kids. We only had to pay to rent the shoes! The kids and Jeremy played 2 games. The first game was great. The second game, Elizabeth started to get whiny and wanted to go home, but I was just happy she did so well with the first game!

Watching her ball roll down. 

Nathan is ready to roll!

There goes Jeremy!

She decided she liked the easy roll option. 

I thought the little bowling shoes were so cute!

We thought it was funny that Jeremy's final score of 113 is his number at work! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Picking Blueberries

Since our blueberry bushes are not producing many berries yet, we drove out to Burbank to a Blueberry Farm to pick berries. Elizabeth fell asleep during the last 10 minutes and that was enough to make her cranky when she woke up. When our kids nap, they wake up cranky and stay cranky for a LONG time. 

Elizabeth liked that the blueberry plants were just her size. In fact, she could lean down and see berries the big people could not! She was excited about this. She called these her "secret stashes." 

He ate a few. 

Nathan was very excited that the farm was right on the Snake River. Lewis and Clark floated right by this blueberry farm! Nathan is currently interested in Lewis and Clark. 

She said it was the world's biggest berry. Can you tell she was cranky? 

The boys with their bucket. 

Our buckets. Elizabeth actually picked quite a few!! I think she picked more than Nathan. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another Missing Tooth!!

Nathan's front two bottom teeth are now both gone! He lost the second one while eating a peach today. 

Here's a flashback to when his front two bottom teeth were the ONLY teeth he had. This picture was exactly 6 years ago!