Thursday, January 4, 2018

Visits from Maine

Uncle Brian and Aunt Karen came to visit all the way from Maine! We drove up to Ellensburg to visit with them the day after New Years. 

Grandma Pam's pond was totally frozen and it looked really neat so the kids played on the pond and we took some family pictures there. 

The ice was so solid we were not at all worried about the kids falling through. 

Uncle Brian pulled the kids around on the ice. 

We took different pictures...

We carpooled up to Ellensburg. Elizabeth and Nathan harassed poor Uncle Brian the whole way! 

Brian figured out how to prop the phone on a tree branch to take a picture with everyone. It's the original selfie stick! 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Nathan's Poem

Nathan wrote this poem at school that I just love. He told me it was ok to put on the blog. It really illustrates his personality. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Nativity Scene

The kids always love the Nativity Scene at church. This year, they counted 36 poinsettias around the church! 

Monday, January 1, 2018

Miracle Snowman

We've had snow but it's been so dry it's impossible to make a snowman. Elizabeth was determined to make a snowman. She brought out a waterbottle. You can see it by her leg. She then proceeded to make snow wet enough to roll into her snowman.

 It took her awhile and I would check to see her progress. She would be squirting her water and just humming away as she rolled her snowballs. This was as big as it got, but it was great!! 

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Papa Ray and Kim live on a BIG hill. It's not so great when you have to drive UP it in the winter, but going down is great on a sled! We were lucky to drive up before anything started melting so we were ok. The kids had some fun sledding even though it was FREEZING out there. 

When we left Papa Ray and Kim's and drove home, we arrived home to find 3 inches of snow that needed to be shoveled! 

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas #3 in Yakima

We drove down to Yakima on Christmas morning to visit Papa Ray and Kim. The roads weren't the best and we saw several vehicles in the ditch. 

With all the snowy roads, this sign really made us laugh today. Not that it doesn't always make us laugh...just more than usual. 

Kim cooked a fantastic dinner and the kids had fun opening their presents. 

Nathan said this was his favorite Christmas gift this year.  He also got a Star Wars lego kit and some Star Wars pajamas. 

His collection is getting so big, he's about ready to shovel it! 

Kim always decorates so beautifully. The kids counted snowmen again this year and came up with 82! Elizabeth got some My Little Pony gifts and some legos.  

The view from the house is so beautiful. It overlooks Yakima. 

Friday, December 29, 2017

Outside fun in Royal

It was quite cold on Christmas. We spent a little bit of time outside but not much because everyone was so cold!

Pippa needs to be walked even during the winter so we all went on winter walks for her. 

Elizabeth tried to slide on the ice in Gram's driveway. 

Even though I'm never in the pictures, I'm there! See? 

Papa Norm bought some new guns that he's hoping Nathan can use to shoot those pigeons. Nathan got to practice with a new 22. Papa also got a 20 gauge shotgun. Nathan thought that might be too big for him so he didn't use it. Jeremy spent a lot of time cleaning the guns and putting them back together! 

Visits from Maine

Uncle Brian and Aunt Karen came to visit all the way from Maine! We drove up to Ellensburg to visit with them the day after New Years.  ...