Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Chilly Days

It's been getting chilly. Kids are bundled up and of course I think it's so cute even though they are big now. 

The walks to and from school are pretty cold. Charlotte's hair is in curlers because she was in The Nutcracker. They were in her hair day and night for nearly 2 weeks! 

We get home from school and then it's dark about half an hour later. By the time they are done snacking, it's dark. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Funny conversations heard around the house:

Elizabeth: "What's the definition of the word Mother?"

Nathan: "She's the mean old lady who makes up all the rules."

We were out driving around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music. An Elvis song came on.

Me: "Hey, it's Elvis."

Nathan: Who's Elfis? Is he an elf that sings Christmas songs?"

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Apple Cup

Everyone dressed up in their Cougar clothes to witness a typical Cougar Apple Cup. The Cougs never even had a chance to Coug It. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Grandma Pam's

We went to visit Grandma Pam. 

We took a few family pictures. Yes, the boys are wearing only sweatshirts and I am wearing my big huge coat. I didn't actually need the big huge coat, but just didn't know how cold it would be, so I went with the worst case coat scenario. 

Grandma picture

While Elizabeth was exploring, she came across a deer skeleton. 

Jeremy cut down some cottonwoods that were trying to overtake Grandma Pam's aspens. 

Nathan did some bb gun shooting. 

Jeremy got up on the roof to clean out the chimney. Elizabeth and Grandma helped vacuum up any dust that came out. 

Elizabeth did quite a lot of exploring. She explored the creek, picked up rocks and found good hiding spots. 

Nathan reloading his bbs. 

He was quite camo! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The other night, the kids were beginning to argue or have some kind of problem while I was cooking.

I told them to please stop fighting as dinner was almost ready.

Nathan said, "Mom, we're not fighting. We're conducting aggressive negotiations."

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Nathan's friend had a birthday party at the bowling alley. It's hard to just drop him off and leave due to all his allergies, so Jeremy, Elizabeth and I stayed and just did our own bowling. Well, Jeremy and Elizabeth bowled. I wasn't feeling too well. 

They set up their game with some funny names. 

Jeremy gave Elizabeth a few pointers. 

Every time after Elizabeth bowled, she ran to me and sat in my lap! I love it when that happens! I got lots of good snuggles. 

Jeremy did such a good job of teaching Elizabeth that she actually beat him during one of the games. She was Joe on this one. Granted, she had the bumpers up and he did not. 

Here are a few pictures of Nathan bowling with his friends at Eva's party. 

Nathan and Miley taking turns. 

Nathan had a lunge and throw system he used...

Friday, November 10, 2017

Food Groups

The kids wanted me to share their food groups.

Here is Elizabeth's 5 food groups.

1. All noodles (including mac and cheese)

2. Burritos

3. Bacon

4. Candy

5. Cheese pizza

Here are Nathan's 4 food groups:

1. Meat

2. Fries

3. Spinach

4. Lemonade

Chilly Days

It's been getting chilly. Kids are bundled up and of course I think it's so cute even though they are big now.  The...