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Nathan's Thomas Shirt

Nathan's new Thomas shirt!

Doing the calendar as Student of the Week at preschool

A few days ago, I had a doctor's appointment. All is still looking good. I'm at just about 38 weeks now. It's just the waiting game now!

My parents were over and took Nathan to the mall to the play area while I was at the doctor.

As they were walking through JCPenney, Nathan spotted a Thomas the Tank Engine sweatshirt on a rack. My parents said he started running toward it squealing. As he was running, he started trying to tear off his shirt and was saying "garbage, garbage!" He wanted to throw away the old one.

Well, luckily, the shirt was only $4 so the grandparents decided to get it for him. The $4 wasn't worth the tantrum. Grandparents are allowed to do that!

I guess they could barely get the tags off fast enough.

He's Student of the Week at preschool this week. He wore his new sweatshirt and brought a Thomas book for the teacher to read. He liked his special week!

All Packed!

I haven't done a blog update here in a while!

Recent updates around here haven't been that interesting. Jeremy went back on a night shift a few weeks ago, so Nathan and I have been adjusting to that. Jeremy has been working a lot of hours! Nathan struggles with wanting to eat dinner without Jeremy. I've been struggling to get him in and out of the tub with this big tummy!

Nathan and I continue to attent Co-Op preschool twice a week. Nathan is also in Speech Therapy on Fridays at the elementary school. He qualified for the 0-3 program which is a grant given to the school for kids under school to have services! So that has been good and he has a lot of fun at speech.

I've been going to the doctor a lot lately. 3 weeks to go until the due date! I'm at 37 weeks now. Nathan made his arrival at 38 weeks (and was still 8 lbs, 5 oz), so I can hope for a repeat! I'm pretty darn uncomfortable and taking it day by day!

Just tonight, we decided it was time to get the car-sea…