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Boys and BB Guns

Papa Norm and Nathan got their first BB guns for Christmas! The BB guns are matching guns. They decided to go try them out. 

Trying to figure it out. We couldn't figure out how to make the BB guns work. I made a call to Jeremy and he walked us through it even though he wasn't even there. Now, I am an expert too! 

Checking for accuracy. 

Henry was regal in the sun. 

After doing some target practice, Nathan headed off to find some pigeons or crows. Basically, Papa has an arch nemesis and those are the yucky birds who make messes all over his sheds and vehicles. He told Nathan to never shoot at an owl or a hawk, but pigeons, starlings, and crows are varmints with wings. 

When they came inside later, Henry gave Nathan the sign of trust. 

Auntie Laura braided Elizabeth's hair and Elizabeth did something to Henry's hair! 


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