Sunday, December 27, 2009


Asking Nathan questions is always funny. Most often, his responses are simply "No." "No" is his favorite word. However, I interviewed him today and he cooperated. It was pretty funny. Here are his responses.

What's your favorite color? "Yellow."
What's your favorite food? "Chips."
What's your favorite stuffed animal? "Duckie."
Who's your best friend? "Dada."
What's your favorite toy? "Tractor....THOMAS!" (I guess he couldn't decide).

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Future Occupation of Nathan D. Wakeman

I know it's a little early, but I've noticed Nathan is quite talented in many possible occupational areas. Sometimes I wonder what career path he will take. What does everyone think?

A carpenter perhaps?

Or maybe a nurse/paramedic/doctor?

Photographer (specializing in self portraits?)


Drummer for a famous rock band? (Daddy tried...didn't quite make it...maybe Nathan will!)

Dish washer? (Hopefully only as an occupation in high school or college!)

Eccentric individual who never wants to fit in with the crowd? (Apparently reindeer antlers are not acceptable)

If they need to remake "Twilight" in 20 years, Nathan would make a great Edward Cullen

A chef? (This would be AWESOME!)


King of the world? (Hey, it could happen with the way things are going)

Race car driver!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Techniques for Eating Popcorn #3

This is a "Christmas special" popcorn eating technique! You can never have too many uses for a used roll of wrapping paper.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let the winter begin!

Nathan getting on his boots and snowpants!

Brushing snow off the truck!

Helping Dada shovel snow.

We had our first big snowfall last night. We got about 4 inches so not really that much. It was enough we had to go shovel the walk and brush the cars off though.

This is Nathan's first year in which we think he will really like playing outside in the snow. He's got boots and snowpants so we got those on him. When we got outside, he wanted to make a snowman, but sadly the snow we got was just too dry to do anything with!

Instead, he helped me brush the snow off our our 3 vehicles. That takes quite a long time! The ENTIRE time I was using the big brush, he was brushing the snow off the vehicles with his little gloved hands. It was so cute. He kept saying, "Helping." I need to get him a little brush!

He also liked making footprints. He did get cold after awhile and wanted to come inside for snack, but he did very well for our first snowfall!

On a Christmas note, I've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping online this year. The UPS and FedEx guys have been coming to our house often! Nathan has gotten used to this and has a fun sentence to describe it. It goes like this:

"Truck! Guy. Box. Ding!" This of course translates to: "Here comes the guy in the big truck who will bring a box and ring the doorbell!"

His sentences are so cute. Hopefully, they will turn more and more into real sentences at some point.

Nathan's first school concert

Nathan has been attending a Co-op preschool twice a week. I go with him and stay the whole time to help him. This is great because he is so young. PLUS, I could never send him alone to a school at such a young age because of his food allergies. He wouldn't know what he could eat and what he couldn't. So I love this preschool and that I can be there.

Last weekend, he took part in his first concert at our town community center. The preschool kids sang and rang jingle bells. Well, Nathan did not sing of course, but he did ring the bells a little bit!

Nathan "singing" at the concert. It seems he and the other 2 year old are more pre-occupied with looking at something on the floor!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Nathan's "sentences"

Nathan is getting really good at speaking in singular words and is slowly using more and more 2 word phrases. He's so cute the way he speaks in "sentences." I wanted to record a few of his funnier sentences.

"Dada. Money. Roof. Eat. House." This sentence means, "Dada is at work to make money so we can have a roof, food, and a house." He uses this one a lot when he wants Dada to come home from work.

"Doctor! Baby. Tummy. Kicking. Jumping." Nathan will sometimes get on his play phone and call the doctor. This sentence means, "Doctor, the baby in Mommy's tummy is kicking and jumping around!" He sees me go to the doctor all the time for the baby so he likes to call the doctor and report activity going on here.

"Papa. Grandma. Truck. Apples. Ham." This sentence means, "Papa and Grandma are coming in their truck and are bringing me apples and ham." My parents bring apples frequently and brought ham once so he thinks they are going to bring these things every time.

"Choo-choo. Nathan. Pumpkin. Bah!" This sentence means, "We went to the pumpkin patch where I got a pumpkin and rode on a choo-choo."

"Ding! Treat! Candy. Pumpkin." This sentence means, "People will ring the doorbell. They will say trick r treat. I will give them candy in their pumpkins." (Nathan has a pumpkin he put candy in on Halloween.)

Thanksgiving Fun!

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. Jeremy had to work, but it worked out as he got home at 5 so we just had a later dinner!

Nathan had a great time being the center of attention. He had a lot of fun playing with his grandparents and Uncle Brian and Aunt Laura. Here are some photos!

Nathan and Uncle Brian mashing potatoes

Nathan liked to pass out the vegetables. You had to go through him in order to get anything!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Techniques for Eating Popcorn #2

This video will focus on techniques for:

1. Spoon feeding popcorn to others.

2. Spoon feeding popcorn to yourself.

Techniques for Eating Popcorn #1

This video will explore:

1. Dropping popcorn from large heights for a little challenge.

2. Dropping copious amounts of popcorn from a large height into someone else's mouth for amusement purposes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

27 Weeks

It is time for a pregnancy update. I'm now at about 27 weeks. Time to start the final trimester! Things are going well now. I feel great thus far. I hope it continues!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is This Just A Guy Thing?

These leaves are fun!

There's sure a lot of them...

How should I get rid of them all?

I know!

Note: Nathan went into the shop on his own and came out with the gas can. We've never taught him that you can use gas to burn things. We don't even burn our leaves (we let them compost) so it's hilarious that he went and got the gas. How did he know this is a method of getting rid of leaves? Just a coincidence?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun!

We had a fun Halloween this year. Nathan and Jeremy carved some pumpkins. Nathan was not a fan of the stuff inside the pumpkins, but liked them after they became jack o lanterns!

Nathan was a king this year for Halloween. My Mom made a nice cape for him, my sister Laura made a crown, and Jeremy made a scepter to carry around. He looked SO adorable.

At first, Nathan would not wear his costume AT ALL. He would fuss and cry. Then, when we explained to him that he got CANDY when he put on the costume, he was all for it. In fact, he started trying to go get his costume and kept saying "candy."

The night of Halloween I explained that people will ring the doorbell in their costumes, say trick r treat, and then we would give them candy. Nathan got very excited about this. He walked around the house saying "Ding, Treat, Candy!"

He was a big help when we poured the candy into bags. Then, he sat by the front door with the bowl of candy waiting for people. He was pretty excited when the door went "ding" the first time.

Jeremy had to work late, but when he got home, we told Nathan it was his turn to go out trick r treating. He put on his king costume and grabbed his pumpkin to carry his candy in. Then, we headed out to do some trick r treating. We don't live in a great neighborhood for walking with a little one. The houses are spread out very far apart, so we drove to places. Nathan wouldn't say anything at the houses though, but he DID appreciate the candy. It was nice that most houses had some kind of fruity candy option since Nathan can't have any of the chocolate variety. He was VERY excited about his candy when we got home. He had about 4 pieces of candy. Skittles, smarties, a chewy fruit thing, and some Starburst. That was enough for tonight!

It was a very fun day for Nathan. Grandma and Grandpa were here. Aunt Laura was here. People came to ring the doorbell and he got to give them candy. AND he got to go out trick r treating in his king costume.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My little helper

Nathan proud of his pie

We carved an "N" on the pie

Nathan likes to help Daddy chop wood with his "hammer."

Nathan is SUCH a big helper. His favorite activities all day are the things he can help with. He loves helping out around the house. Just today, he unloaded many things from the shopping cart to put them on the belt. When we got home, he unloaded the groceries and would tell us what they were and where they went.

For example, he'd pull out the bread, say "bread," and then point to the fridge.

He also decided that he wanted to make a pie. So we spent this afternoon making a pie. Nathan helped a lot. He dumped the blueberries in and helped me stir. Here are some photos of my big boy helper!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Trip

Today we went on a preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch up at Green Bluff. Siemers Farm was a lot of fun! The only thing downside is it was FREEZING cold. It was only in the 30's. Luckily, it was all sun and no wind so that helped out a lot.

Nathan had a lot of fun. First, we went in a corn maze that was called the "Safari Maze." Throughout the maze, there were stuffed animals so it made you think you were on safari I guess! Nathan liked the large lion.

In the middle of the maze was a large castle with a lot of neat stuff inside. There was also a pirate ship at the edge of the maze the kids could play on. Nathan loved the slide.

Nathan has been talking a lot time about wanting to go on a "choo choo." Well, luckily this place had a "choo choo" to take a ride on! He was SO EXCITED to go on the little train.

We then picked out some pumpkins. We didn't stay too long as it was so cold out! It was a fun morning though.

Nathan picks out a pumpkin

Riding the train

Nathan wanted to drive the kiddy train

Nathan and Daddy in front of the castle

Nathan and Mommy in the corn maze

Fun slide on the pirate ship!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's a girl!

We found out today we're having a baby girl!! I'm SO EXCITED!!! We were hoping for a girl.

Everything looks great and the doctor says she is perfectly healthy. She's almost 21 weeks along now and is about 10 ounces.

Things are great with me too. Blood pressure is consistently 100/60 and I've gained 5 pounds so far. All of my bloodwork looks good too! We're halfway there! Due date is officially February 12th. 20 weeks to go!

21 weeks

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Nathan Drives a Car

Fun Times at the Fair!

Nathan loved petting the goats.

That's a big pumpkin!

He loved this car ride!

Zoom zoom!

Riding the carousel with Daddy.

We went to the Spokane County Fair today. The whole preschool went. Luckily, Jeremy and Laura both happened to have the day off, so Nathan had his whole entourage along with him.

Nathan LOVED the fair. The preschool kids meandered around before lunch looking at animals, fire trucks, science demonstrations etc. It was a lot of fun. Nathan particularly liked looking at the engines and old tractors. Of course he LOVED the animals as well. We saw all kinds of animals. Cows, horses, chickens, bunnies, goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, geese, and turtles. Nathan liked the goats the most because he could pet them and they were very soft!

We had a sack lunch. Well, Nathan did. Jeremy and Laura and I had some yummy fair food. I had a delicious corn dog and a huckleberry scone. YUM! It's not every day you get food like that.

After lunch, we were free to go off on our own. We meandered around looking at the exhibits. Jeremy likes to go try to find free stuff. Stickers, T-shirts, water bottles etc. Sometimes he supplements his wardrobe with free t-shirts he gets.

After we checked out these exhibits, it was time to head over to the kiddie rides on our way home. The minute Nathan saw those colorful rides, he got SO EXCITED and started clapping and running toward them. It was his first time on rides. It's funny how kids just know those things are for them. It must be the colors and flashy lights.

Auntie Laura was nice enough to buy $6 worth of tickets for Nathan. This only equaled 2 rides! Rides are really expensive. Sheesh. When we have more kids, we won't be able to afford to take them on rides. Luckily, it was a Wednesday so there were really no other people there.

We first put Nathan on a car ride. He absolutely loved it. He smiled the entire time and that steering wheel was going the whole time. I don't think I've ever seem him so happy. I think he thought he was actually driving the car! He didn't really want to get off.

Next, Nathan and Jeremy went on the carousel. Nathan enjoyed this as well, but not as much as those cars! He did like riding up on that horse though!

All in all, it was a GREAT day. Nathan was so good and we all had a fabulous time. It was 90 degrees out though, so in the sun it was quite hot. Nathan got a little sunburned, but hopefully it's not too bad.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall Means Woodchopping

We're "blessed" to live in an area with really cold winters and a lot of snow! Luckily for us, we have a great wood stove that keeps us toasty warm (oftentimes WAY too warm) and great neighbors who supply us with free wood.

The only downside to having a woodstove and free wood? You have to chop it all up into pieces. So Jeremy is going to spend a little bit of time every day chopping wood. This might seen like a waste of time, but HE looks at it as a great way to stay in shape! It's a lot of work! So although he might not be out running or lifting weights, he's getting a good workout.

Well, guess what? Jeremy's job is getting a little bit easier this year. He has help. A smaller version of Jeremy helps by taking a little wheelbarrow of bark and wheeling it to the back 40 to get it out of Daddy's way. Isn't that nice? And I, take another more sturdy wheelbarrow, load the chopped wood into it, and then stack it in a neat pile.

Family teamwork. What more can you ask for? What a great way to spend some time huh?

It starts with a little woodchopping.

Sometimes the wood is covered in bark so you've got to haul it away. (Yes, Nathan really does push this wheelbarrow!)

Here's the OTHER wheelbarrow that we fill with pieces of wood and I push.

Here's the awesome wood stack. Nathan tries to help, but the pieces are just too big for him!

Last Day of School

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