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A Hearts Day

The matching fashion continues. Today was a hearts day. She had: 1. A shirt with hearts.  2. Pants with hearts 3. Socks with hearts 4. Undies with hearts (not shown)
She should have worn this on Valentine's Day!

Driving Around

We went to play at Ali's house. Ali took Elizabeth for a spin in her car! 

Islands and Rivers

Nathan spent a great deal of time digging up the garden area and turning it into a series of islands with rivers running between them. Every day after school, he would come home and dig. He worked hard with all that digging! He would fill it up with water and play. He made bridges to go from island to island. 
Last week, we finally had to make him fill it in so we could rototill and plant the garden. He sure had a fun time with his project! Maybe next year if digging is still one of his hobbies. 

Safety and Allergies

While at the bike safety fair at school, they kids had a funny conversation with a Sgt. with our local police department. We had told them their Dad was a police officer so he said he had a few questions for them that he was SURE cops' kids would know the answers to.

Here was the conversation.

Sgt: "What would you say if someone asked you to get in their car?"
Nathan: "What's the password?"
Sgt: "Excellent! I knew you would know!"

Sgt: "What would you say if someone tried to offer you candy?"
Nathan: "Does that have peanuts in it?"
Elizabeth: "No label, NO thanks."

Sgt: "Um, yes, well that will work very well!"

One plus side to having all kinds of severe food allergies. The kids will never take candy from strangers!! I never realized this!

We have a few mottos in this house that they have to follow.

1. "No label, no thanks." With as many severe allergies as the kids have, if we can't read every…

Bubble Duel

They love to have duels with their new bubble guns. It's fun to blow bubbles in each other's face!

Some new food allergies

We've added some new foods to our food allergy repertoire. I sure wish we could take some away, but that  doesn't seem to happen for us.

Nathan's been eating kiwi his whole life! Today, he ate a kiwi and immediately afterward said his mouth and hands itched. Over the course of 5 minutes, he got about 9 nice itchy hives all over his chin. We didn't panic or freak out. Our doctor has said if the only real symptom is hives around the mouth to keep an eye on it. If the symptoms progress or another sympton starts, then epi and call 911. Luckily after about 10 minutes (and wiping his chin) the hives went away. I'd like to think he's only sensitive to the juice but I doubt that's the case. We will be staying away from kiwi with him and when we see the allergy doctor in June for his yearly checkup, we'll look into this!

Elizabeth had her yearly checkup with the allergy doctor last week. Still allergic to peanuts and sunflower seeds. She also seems to have oral …

Gram and Papa Norm's

We visited Royal City over Spring Break. Here are some of the exciting highlights.  Playing in a pile of compost. They could have done this all day long!

Pippa achieved her ultimate goal. Getting up on a bed! She wasn't allowed to stay there, but she was quite bold. 

Nathan snuggling Pippa. 
Floating sticks down the ditch. Another favorite they could do all day. 

Nathan was unwrapping a cupcake and dropped it. This was the result about 5 seconds later. That dog was quick!
Gram set up a fun egg hunt! 

Digging holes. They could also do this all day long. 

They made beds for the night. (Jeremy says they look more like graves). 
So the highlights of the trip were playing in manure, digging graves, and playing in water. However, they LOVED all these things and were very happy! I guess it doesn't take much with kids. Dirt and water and some imagination.  Driving the little Kubota with Papa Norm was also fun but I didn't get pictures of that. The 7 year old is becoming quite goo…

Auntie Laura's new house!!!

We went to visit Auntie Laura over Spring Break. She has a new house! They are working on putting in the fence. 
Auntie Laura in front of her house. 

Coloring at her table. 

Auntie Laura in her kitchen. 

Auntie Laura was so thoughtful and sewed the kids special Easter pillowcases!! 

Dying Easter eggs!

Some of the finished colors. 


We also  had some fun at the park over spring break. 

Grandma Helen

Jeremy's Grandma was so nice to host us for the night when we made our trip over to the Skagit Valley. Thanks for a great place to stay Grandma Helen!

Spragg Family Get Together

We went to the get together that Carolyn put on for the family. 

Archie and Iver have a nice bridge that goes across their creek!

Nathan played in the creek. 

Elizabeth hiking up the path. 

Iver showed Elizabeth how to climb up the hill. 

A snake was found! 

A pretty picture from the bridge. 

Elizabeth and her cousin Silas. 

Elizabeth, Nathan, and Iver having lunch. 
Feeding chickens

A walk across the bridge.