Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun!

We had a fun Halloween this year. Nathan and Jeremy carved some pumpkins. Nathan was not a fan of the stuff inside the pumpkins, but liked them after they became jack o lanterns!

Nathan was a king this year for Halloween. My Mom made a nice cape for him, my sister Laura made a crown, and Jeremy made a scepter to carry around. He looked SO adorable.

At first, Nathan would not wear his costume AT ALL. He would fuss and cry. Then, when we explained to him that he got CANDY when he put on the costume, he was all for it. In fact, he started trying to go get his costume and kept saying "candy."

The night of Halloween I explained that people will ring the doorbell in their costumes, say trick r treat, and then we would give them candy. Nathan got very excited about this. He walked around the house saying "Ding, Treat, Candy!"

He was a big help when we poured the candy into bags. Then, he sat by the front door with the bowl of candy waiting for people. He was pretty excited when the door went "ding" the first time.

Jeremy had to work late, but when he got home, we told Nathan it was his turn to go out trick r treating. He put on his king costume and grabbed his pumpkin to carry his candy in. Then, we headed out to do some trick r treating. We don't live in a great neighborhood for walking with a little one. The houses are spread out very far apart, so we drove to places. Nathan wouldn't say anything at the houses though, but he DID appreciate the candy. It was nice that most houses had some kind of fruity candy option since Nathan can't have any of the chocolate variety. He was VERY excited about his candy when we got home. He had about 4 pieces of candy. Skittles, smarties, a chewy fruit thing, and some Starburst. That was enough for tonight!

It was a very fun day for Nathan. Grandma and Grandpa were here. Aunt Laura was here. People came to ring the doorbell and he got to give them candy. AND he got to go out trick r treating in his king costume.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My little helper

Nathan proud of his pie

We carved an "N" on the pie

Nathan likes to help Daddy chop wood with his "hammer."

Nathan is SUCH a big helper. His favorite activities all day are the things he can help with. He loves helping out around the house. Just today, he unloaded many things from the shopping cart to put them on the belt. When we got home, he unloaded the groceries and would tell us what they were and where they went.

For example, he'd pull out the bread, say "bread," and then point to the fridge.

He also decided that he wanted to make a pie. So we spent this afternoon making a pie. Nathan helped a lot. He dumped the blueberries in and helped me stir. Here are some photos of my big boy helper!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Trip

Today we went on a preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch up at Green Bluff. Siemers Farm was a lot of fun! The only thing downside is it was FREEZING cold. It was only in the 30's. Luckily, it was all sun and no wind so that helped out a lot.

Nathan had a lot of fun. First, we went in a corn maze that was called the "Safari Maze." Throughout the maze, there were stuffed animals so it made you think you were on safari I guess! Nathan liked the large lion.

In the middle of the maze was a large castle with a lot of neat stuff inside. There was also a pirate ship at the edge of the maze the kids could play on. Nathan loved the slide.

Nathan has been talking a lot time about wanting to go on a "choo choo." Well, luckily this place had a "choo choo" to take a ride on! He was SO EXCITED to go on the little train.

We then picked out some pumpkins. We didn't stay too long as it was so cold out! It was a fun morning though.

Nathan picks out a pumpkin

Riding the train

Nathan wanted to drive the kiddy train

Nathan and Daddy in front of the castle

Nathan and Mommy in the corn maze

Fun slide on the pirate ship!

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