Saturday, November 28, 2015

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to visit Papa Norm and Grandma Jane. Gram made another Thanksgiving dinner just for us! Thanks Gram! It was delicious! 

Pippa thought the dinner was delicious too. Here she is licking gravy off Nathan's shirt. Can you see her blurry pink tongue? 

She was sad there was no gravy on Elizabeth. Elizabeth didn't eat gravy. 

We watched the very sad Apple Cup and it was horrible! 

This year, we decided to do a turkey trot around the driveway. Nathan and Elizabeth made turkey hats for everyone. Everyone got a hat with different colored turkey feathers. 

Here is everyone but Gram and Pippa before the race started. Pippa was running around warming up. Gram was rounding up coats. 

Nathan and Pippa did some warming up too. Pippa would not keep her turkey feather collar on. 

And they're off! As you can see, Nathan is in the lead. Papa is a close second. Pippa is running third.   Jeremy, Elizabeth and Laura make up the middle of the pack. Gram was at the back and I was just taking pictures so I think I was disqualified. 

They rounded the corner and Nathan was still in the lead. 

The finish line (the light pole). You can see Nathan about to cross. Jeremy is running second and Papa is coming in third. 

Poor Pippa. She did pass Nathan for the lead at one point but then got distracted by a bunny and ran off course and got disqualified. She sprinted back in to beat Papa to get third place but Gram ruled her disqualified. So Papa got third, Elizabeth got 4th, Laura got 5th and Gram got 6th. I didn't even finish as I took pictures at the finish line. Better luck next year Pippa! 

Trying to take some family pictures. Looking into the sun was a bit much. 

The shade was a bit dark. Oh well. 

Elizabeth would throw up snow to create her own "Olaf snow cloud."  You can actually see it pretty well in the picture! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving at Grandma's

We headed up to Grandma Pam's for Thanksgiving. It was a COLD but sunny day. 

Here's everyone right before eating Thanksgiving dinner. Well, everyone except Grandma Pam! 

Part of Thanksgiving was constructing a porch! Nathan helped carry some boards. 

Here is everyone stacking wood. 

Jeremy did some cutting. 

Elizabeth and her Grandmas. 

Attacking Uncle Brian. 

Uncle Brian made Elizabeth and Nathan walk on the ceiling. 

Grandma Pam and her grandkids. 

Elizabeth had fun wiping snow off everything she could find! 

Running to see if the pond is frozen over. 

The pond was mostly frozen over so they could walk around on it. 

Sliding rocks across the pond. 

Brushing snow off the ice to look at the frozen water underneath. She thought it was neat that there were a lot of bubbles. 

Sliding around on the ice. 

Sliding on the ice! 

Over at the creek, they spent a LOT of time trying to break and crack the ice. Nathan fell in and soaked his boot and sock. 

They had a great time playing outside. I, however, was quite cold.

We had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you for all your hard work Grandma Pam! Your dinner was amazing. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First Snow

We woke up to a little bit of snow today.  The kids have no school this week anyway so it's a play day. It's conference week. Conferences are all day Monday, Tuesday, and then half of the day Wednesday. Since there was no school, they spent all morning playing outside in the snow. 

Living Room Dances

Jeremy and the kids listened to music from the Nutcracker and danced around the living room. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Flower Headband

Lately, Elizabeth has been wearing headbands with flowers. This is what she wore to school one day last week. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Flowers were Blooming

My Snowball bushes are very confused. They just started blooming a few days ago. They're not supposed to bloom until spring! Since they're blooming now, I guess that means they won't bloom again in spring? 

Update: I took these pictures 2 days ago. Last night, it froze, so I doubt they'll be doing well now!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Neighborhood Playdate

We had a neighborhood playdate after school today. It was cold! 

Elizabeth and Charlotte colored their hands with chalk. 

Nathan showed the other kids how to use his bow and arrow. He made his own arrows out of sticks he's found. He sharpens them up. They fly really well! It was really creative of him. 

The most popular event was digging holes. Everyone wanted a shovel and they dug holes for like an hour. Exciting times around here! 

Elizabeth and Charlotte made cakes out of mud. They found old cherry tomatoes on the ground and were picking them to use as "cherries." 

Last Day of School

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