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Fun Times in Boise, Idaho!

Jeremy gets a few weeks a year for vacation. He decided to take a week off now so we could make it to a family get together in Boise. My sister LeAnne and her husband Rick live in Boise (for the time being). My cousin Carolyn and her husband Andy and their little son Archie also live there. Archie was having his 3rd birthday and my parents and my sister Laura were going down.

I hadn't been to Boise in 2 years (for Archie's 1st birthday). Jeremy and Nathan had never been there. We decided it was time for Nathan's first airplane ride. It seemed to be a better idea than spending 7+ hours in the car. He's also under 2, so he was "free." If we would have had to pay to take him on the plane, we would have either driven or not gone!

On Friday morning, we left for the airport. We learned a few things about flying with a baby. Bring a stroller. We parked at the airport and had to carry a heavy squirming 30 pound baby and 3 suitcases a LONG way. Then, we're trying …

Dirty Floors? A New Innovative Solution!

Dirty floors?

Are you having a hard time keeping your floors clean? Is it because your little kids are running all around, tracking in mud, and walking across wet floors you've already mopped? Do these same small children not want to help in the floor cleaning process although THEY are the ones that made the floor dirty?

I have discovered an innovative new solution to solve this dilemma. Involve your child in the cleaning process in a fun way! Behold, the Child Mop.

1. Place child in old pants.
2. Put some Mr. Clean on pants.
3. Slide your child around the floor (shown in training video below.)
4. When floor is clean enough, remove pants.
5. Put on a clean, dry pair of pants to buff.
6. Observe your clean floor!
7. Repeat with another child if necessary.

*For extra fun cleaning, make sure your child is dressed in a white shirt. You might also want to shave their little head and place a clip-on gold hoop on one ear (unless ears are already pierced of course). This is for…


We've had snow on the ground since December 12th. In fact, we had over 98 inches of snow this year. That is over 8 feet of snow. It was an all time record for the Spokane area.

It appears the last of it will be gone tomorrow. (Or possibly the next day)

That's the last of it!! Nearly 4 months it's been on the ground.

Nathan trying to carry it away for me. He starts fussing pretty quickly and drops it because it's so cold. Too funny!

Our trip to visit the Grandparents

During Jeremy's last weekend, we went to visit the Grandparents. Grandparents Spragg live in Royal City. Grandpa Wakeman lives in Yakima. It was a very windy trip! Generally anywhere in Central Washington is quite windy during April.

On Thursday, we visited Grandparents Spragg. Nathan had fun hanging out in a new house. He liked to turn the ceiling fans on and off. He even had his own little table to sit at!

No trip to Royal is complete without visiting Nathan's friend KJ! The boys had fun playing together.

On Friday, we went down to Yakima to visit Grandpa Wakeman. Nathan had fun playing in the ditch and leaves. Uncle Brian was there too. For lunch, we went to Miners. It was Nathan and Jeremy's first time there. Those burgers sure are good!

On Saturday, we spent some more time back in Royal. Nathan got to go visit some of the neighbor's lambs. He really liked those. We were back in the car Saturday afternoon and back home by 3 so Jeremy could get ready to work for the…