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Nathan's "sentences"

Nathan is getting really good at speaking in singular words and is slowly using more and more 2 word phrases. He's so cute the way he speaks in "sentences." I wanted to record a few of his funnier sentences.

"Dada. Money. Roof. Eat. House." This sentence means, "Dada is at work to make money so we can have a roof, food, and a house." He uses this one a lot when he wants Dada to come home from work.

"Doctor! Baby. Tummy. Kicking. Jumping." Nathan will sometimes get on his play phone and call the doctor. This sentence means, "Doctor, the baby in Mommy's tummy is kicking and jumping around!" He sees me go to the doctor all the time for the baby so he likes to call the doctor and report activity going on here.

"Papa. Grandma. Truck. Apples. Ham." This sentence means, "Papa and Grandma are coming in their truck and are bringing me apples and ham." My parents bring apples frequently and brought ham once so he thin…

Thanksgiving Fun!

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. Jeremy had to work, but it worked out as he got home at 5 so we just had a later dinner!

Nathan had a great time being the center of attention. He had a lot of fun playing with his grandparents and Uncle Brian and Aunt Laura. Here are some photos!

Nathan and Uncle Brian mashing potatoes

Nathan liked to pass out the vegetables. You had to go through him in order to get anything!

27 Weeks

It is time for a pregnancy update. I'm now at about 27 weeks. Time to start the final trimester! Things are going well now. I feel great thus far. I hope it continues!

Is This Just A Guy Thing?

These leaves are fun!

There's sure a lot of them...

How should I get rid of them all?

I know!

Note: Nathan went into the shop on his own and came out with the gas can. We've never taught him that you can use gas to burn things. We don't even burn our leaves (we let them compost) so it's hilarious that he went and got the gas. How did he know this is a method of getting rid of leaves? Just a coincidence?