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Outside Fun

Now that the weather is nice, the kids wanted to go play at school. They were little monkeys! 

New Scooters

It looks like spring has arrived. The kids woke up Valentine's morning to find new scooters! They wanted to go outside right away and start scooting. It was a bit chilly. 

Nathan's new scooter. 

Elizabeth scooting around. 

She biked a bit too. 

By the afternoon, they were still scooting. They proclaimed they were too hot and that it was shorts weather. For me, 62 isn't shorts weather, but I guess for little kids it was. 

Nathan quit scooting for a while to rotate our neighbor's tires. 

Ponies and Flags

Nathan's school uses a color system to identify their busses. His teacher loves My Little Pony. He decided to make a chart that changed the bus names to the names of the characters in My Little Pony. His teacher loved it!

At Elizabeth's preschool, the kids all learn the Pledge of Allegiance. Once they have it mastered and can say it in front of the class, they get a flag! She's got it down!

Preschool Celebration

Elizabeth's preschool had a birthday celebration for her!
The birthday flag was up when we pulled in!

She had a sign!

She got to sit up front with the teacher and wear a crown! The kids sung to her and she got a card and candy AND a book!

The Valentine's Party was actually celebrated on the same day so it was an extra fun day!

Field Trip!

Elizabeth's preschool class went on a field trip to the gym that her tumblebus coach owns. She had a great time!
Working on the obstacle course!

Learning how to use the rope swing. Once she figured it out, she didn't stop doing the rope swing for the entire 1 1/2 hours we were there. 

Coach Brett made her show off her amazing headstand. 

Waiting for the rope!

I didn't mean to upload this video, but here she is learning to rope swing. 

Elizabeth and Ali. Elizabeth says Ali is her BFF. 

Coach Brett giving Elizabeth the rope. 

Crawling out of the foam blocks!

Elizabeth at 5

Elizabeth is 5 year old! Here is a picture of her waiting for preschool to start on her 5th birthday. It was also the day of the Valentine's party. 
Here are a few things about Elizabeth at age 5. 
She's about 36 pounds. Not quite big enough to sit in a booster seat in the car yet. She gains weight pretty slowly. 
She usually sleeps about 10 1/2 or so hours at night. I put her to bed around 8-8:30 and she "reads" in bed until around 9. She enjoys listening to audio books. She's still not keeping a dry pullup at night. We're not quite sure what to do about that! 
She wakes up between 7:30 and 8. We get Nathan off on the bus at 8:15. She then eats her breakfast and watches a little TV while I get ready for the day. The rest of the morning we run errands together or play games. The last week or so we've been able to go outside. Finally! It seems right around her birthday is when "spring" starts. 
Her favorite toys to play with are princess and cas…

Elizabeth's 5th Birthday Party

We had a great family turnout for Elizabeth's birthday! She also invited 2 little girls. Elizabeth's  little friend Ali got sick and couldn't come so she was sad about that. 
Papa Norm, Gram, and Auntie Laura came down! They even brought Pony and Princess balloons!! 

Grandma Pam! 

Uncle Brian!

Papa Ray and Kim!

And of course Mom and Dad and Nathan...Dad blew up 72 balloons for the party. We've got a lot of balloons!
Her party theme was My Little Pony. The kids played "Pin the Cutie Mark on the Pony." Here's Elizabeth's turn with Charlotte watching. 

Nathan's turn. 

Nathan got Elizabeth this cute little kitty. 

Thanks for the fun lunch box, socks and pony Auntie Laura! 

Reading cards. 

Her friend Ali couldn't come but dropped off her present. Elizabeth loved the pony stuff and the art supplies!

Grandma Pam got her this fantastic purple outfit!! 

A super fun elephant bean bag from Uncle Brian!

Help from Dad

More ponies! Thanks Papa Norm and Gra…