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Auntie LeAnne and Uncle Rick!

Auntie LeAnne and Uncle Rick are up for a visit!

Baseball Game

Here are some photos from Nathan's latest baseball game. 
Up to bat
Ready to swing
He got a hit and is on his way to first!

Exciting times in the outfield
Another bat

Good game!
This sums up Elizabeth's time at the game. She's annoyed she has to be there, but has at least mastered the monkey bars. She's really good at them! 

A Little Monkey in a Tree

Another cute picture of my little monkey and her tree climbing skills. 

Our official Bloomsday photos

For the first time ever, Bloomsday did not make you pay for the pictures their cameras took along the course! You can download them all for FREE! I downloaded the best ones and posted them here. 
Here's Jeremy pushing through those last 2 dreadful  miles. 

Here I am, but not sure where this is exactly. 
Laura making her way to the finish. 

Jeremy was the only one who had a good "Finish Line" photo. You can see him there in the knee brace. 

Me sprinting down the last little hill to the finish line. 

Here are Brian and Karen making their way up Doomsday. 

I think Laura's face here perfectly describes how much she hates Bloomsday. 

Off to Jail

These two just can't seem to stay out of the back of police cars. Off to jail again! 

Sparkly Sweater

Elizabeth found this great sparkly sweater and decided to wear it to the park today. She didn't believe me when I told her it was too hot to wear a sweater. We got to the park and after about 10 minutes, she was complaining about how hot she was. It was a short trip to the park! Perhaps we will try again in October with the sweater. 

Playing at the Mall

Sometimes we go to the mall to play on the toys. Here's Thomas!

Jeremy's Many Talents

Jeremy is talented in many areas. Another talent is sewing! My favorite pair of jeans wore holes through the knees so he converted them into stylish shorts! 
Elizabeth watched and seemed to be interested. Jeremy will have to teach her to sew. 

Daddy Attack

Jeremy can't sit down without getting attacked. It's funny. 
 I also have no idea why Elizabeth wants to wear a coat when it's 85. Yesterday, she said she was cold and wanted to wear her HUGE winter coat. I think the changing weather is confusing her. 

Sunny Days

The weather has been so nice and perfect lately. We like to sit in the back of our truck and enjoy the evenings. 

Nathan's first baseball game

Here's Nathan at his first baseball game!

Elizabeth wore the team colors even though she was hot in her long sleeve shirt. She spent the time looking for "discoveries." She found mushrooms, seeds, leaves, sticks. No dead animals this time. 

They did team photos today. We didn't want to pay for them, so this is as good as we'll get. Nathan is in the front right in the middle. 

The team is K-2 so he's outfield. Second graders are playing the bases. 

Just waiting around the outfield. 

Almost his turn to bat! 
Up to bat. 
He got a single!
Good game. 

Mothers Day

I am the lucky Mother of these two cuties! We took a few pictures to remember the day. 
First we took a picture in front of the beautiful flowers we planted. 

Then we took a picture in front of our new fountain!

Here are the beautiful flower baskets I got for Mother's Day-one from each child. 

Bloomsday 2014

We headed up to Spokane for Bloomsday again this year. Jeremy and I had both registered a few months ago. In February Jeremy hurt his knee at work.  Then, Jeremy hurt his back badly doing yardwork. He couldn't run for a long time so had decided to just not run. Then, we got the email that said he could run in the yellow group this year. He hadn't expected that! He didn't want to waste his chance to be in yellow group so even though he hadn't run for over a month, he decided to do Bloomsday. We got to wait together at the start. That was neat!

Here we are at the start in yellow group. No beach balls here! I also only saw one tutu and it was on a guy.  

Here is looking toward the start line. 

Here is looking back. Poor Laura is back there somewhere in good old green group. We wish she could escape that group, but after what she did this year, they will probably never let her leave! People were bouncing around those beach balls that always bonk you on the head if you don…

Slip and Slide

For some reason, it is currently 87 degrees out today-so we brought out the slip and slide!

The kids had more fun running through the water. 

May Day!

To celebrate May Day, here are some pictures of Elizabeth with her favorite flower. She loves them because they are fun to blow. 
Showing off the "Dandelion Garden." 

Showing me how she makes wishes. 

Which to choose? 

Then, she found a pink blossom off a tree! Another beautiful flower!

And we can't forget tumbleweeds. They're a flower right?