Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Fun

Here are some of the things we've been doing this month! We always feel pretty cooped up this time of year.

Headstands are great fun!

Puzzles, playdough and painting. Our Daily 3 P's!! Babies also like to join in...

Mommy kisses!

Sitting in toy boxes

Playtime at the mall

Digging paths in the snow!

Riding Scooters

Reading books with Dad

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nathan safe foods

Nathan eating his coconut milk yogurt.

I was so excited to find some coconut milk yogurt today at Huckleberries! Nathan was quite excited too. He talked about the yogurt all night and kept asking just to make sure: "It's Nathan safe right?"
He's never been able to eat any kind of yogurt, so this is great! He loved it. It's quite full of sugar and fat so it was pretty good.

On another Nathan related note, we had a pretty bad reaction to cow's milk today.

We were walking out of the grocery store. Nathan tripped and landed in a puddle of milk. Can you believe that?

The poor little guy not only scraped up his elbows and knees, but got milk all over his hands. Then, since he was crying, he rubbed his hands into his eyes.

Well, his face started swelling. His eyes were swelled and he broke into hives all over his little face. It was horrible! He was crying and screaming and wouldn't let us give him any Benadryl.

When we wiped the milk off his face and hands, he started to improve, but it was just one more reminder of the bad things milk does to him on the outside. It scares me to think what would happen if he actually ingests any milk! That's why we always have an Epi-pen on hand.

In a few weeks, we're going to have 4 different kinds of milk in our fridge. Isn't that funny? Whole milk for Elizabeth. 2% for Jeremy (he prefers it creamy). 0% for me (I prefer it thin). Oat milk for Nathan.

Elizabeth is 11 months

Elizabeth is 11 months!

Here are some updates:

-She loves to look at books. She tries to snuggle the animals in the pictures.
-She tries SO hard to build with Mega Blocks but can't quite do it.
-She talks a lot. We don't know what she's saying, but she jabbers like she's speaking her own language. We do understand hi and bye, but that's it!
-She toddles up to 8 steps. Then, she just gets down and crawls because it's much faster. And boy is she fast at crawling!
-She nurses 6 times a day. She's becoming very restless though and pushes me away a lot. I think we're about done!
-She's trying to help put on her clothes. She'll set her socks on her feet and set her pants on her legs.
-We're still having problems with her eczema. It's quite bad. She scratches her feet until they're bleeding and scabbed. We've taken to taping her socks on. Otherwise, she pulls them off. She scratches her hands until they're raw as well. Any skin she can get to, she itches.
-She's around 17-18 pounds. She'll get weighed at her 1 year checkup, so I'm just estimating!
-She eats a lot of different foods. Her favorite thing is when we blend up our dinner. She loves regular food as opposed to baby food! She's pretty good at self feeding. What a mess!
-She's still getting up once at night. She slept through the night twice so I was hopeful. She's since regressed to getting up once.
-She likes to hide food for later. She's starting to stash food throughout the house. I've found Mum Mums and cheerios. It's really cute to see her rediscover her stashes!
-She likes to climb on everything!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nathan in Action

Tractor Driving

Scooter riding!

My little climber

I turn my back for 10 seconds...

She climbs up on a zebra

She climbs in the toy basket

And who doesn't like climbing in the oven drawer! She's such a climber!

Papa Ray and Kim's house

We visited Papa Ray and Kim!

Kim made a delicous meal. Nathan had lots of fun playing with Papa Ray and Uncle Brian.
Elizabeth LOVED the Christmas tree here and delighted in trying to pull ornaments off...
Uncle Brian was there!

We made a great trip down the road to see some wild Elk. Once a day in the winter, they are fed. They all come down from over the hills to eat some hay. Nathan enjoyed seeing them! He said they looked like reindeer.

We watched a little "Cat in the Hat" at the end of the day.

Watching the elk

All the Wakeman men

"I love these ornaments!"

Playing with Papa Ray and Kim

Me and my babies!

Visiting Papa Norm and Grandma Jane

We also spent time visiting Papa Norm and Grandma Jane.

Nathan had fun driving tractors and loading gravel. He's getting quite good at operating the loader and quite good at steering the tractor! He also had fun making cupcakes with Grandma.

Grandma took Nathan to her library and they checked out a few books. They also got a balloon at Grandma's store. This is their tradition. Go to the library and get a balloon at the store. Then, they come home and Grandma reads him all the books they checked out.

Elizabeth enjoyed playing with Mommy's old toys. Both kids played the piano. That was pretty funny.

Elizabeth liked to play peekaboo games under the little table

Nathan and Papa Norm reading Berenstein Bear books

Papa Norm, Elizabeth, and Nathan had crawling races

2 future pianists

Nathan making cupcakes with Grandma Jane

Grandma Pam's

The week after Christmas, we embarked on a trip to visit all the family!

We went to visit Grandma Pam. Nathan always says, "We're going to eat hummus!" Grandma Pam always has hummus for him. He loves hummus.

We had a great time playing at Grandma Pam's. We had a tasty dinner and played with all the interesting toys at Grandma's. Elizabeth got tired, so Uncle Brian and Daddy decided to give her a car ride to make her fall asleep. They went to the dump!

Nathan was very impressed that Grandma Pam had a little stool just his size in the bathroom. He loves bathrooms and especially those which come with little things for him! He also really liked the low windows at Grandma Pam's which he could easily look out.

There were some interesting quail outside.

Elizabeth playing "Ninja Baby" with Uncle Brian

Opening some gifts with Grandma Pam

Nathan and Grandma Pam eating hummus

Cutest pictures in Jammies

Nathan and Elizabeth both LOVE this ball popper toy that Elizabeth got from Papa Ray and Kim.
One morning they were playing with it while still in their pajamas. It was super cute. I had to post some photos!

Swim Team

The kids have started their summer swimming. This year, they are doing the Swim Team. Once the swimmers have learned all their strokes, the...