Sunday, March 27, 2011

Books are fun

Nathan loves listening to these Disney books on tape! They are Jeremy's old books from when he was little. The only problem? Our tape player isn't working right and where do you buy a new tape player? Many of the tapes are also not sounding so good either. Well, if these last through Elizabeth, they will have served 2 generations well! Yes, both kids are eating pickles-just like their Dad.

Hmm...which to choose? Sometimes, I'll just start reciting lines from different books. She'll go over to her bookshelf and bring me the correct book. It's so cute!

When we're done reading, it's time to ride the zebra! And yes, she has to wear long sleeves under her short sleeve shirts. Her eczema is so bad that if she access to her skin, she just itches it until it's bleeding. And it makes her terribly uncomfortable. I don't know what's going to happen once warm weather hits. At least that is another 3 months off. Hopefully, her eczema will be better by then?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

He almost gets it...

I'm trying to get better at quickly writing down cute things Nathan says.

Today, I was talking about some old baby stuff I didn't know what to do with.

Nathan said, "You should take it to Another Hand Store."

He meant a "Second hand store."

It makes sense though. Aren't a second hand and another hand the same thing?

Springtime Playing

March means springtime temperatures in the mid-upper 40's. This means we can finally go play outside again for more than 10 minutes at a time! We've got the sandbox uncovered. The swings are ready to go. Nathan has been helping Jeremy trim and cut down trees. Elizabeth is getting very steady on her feet so she's enjoying being outside more and more.

Riding in the wheelbarrow

Nathan cutting branches.

Nathan dumping sand on Elizabeth's foot.

Elizabeth thought eating sand was a good idea, but quickly changed her mind.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nathan knows how to be cute!

Here's a conversation I had with Nathan tonight.

Me: Tomorrow I'm going to go substitute teach again. You'll stay home with Daddy.
Nathan: But why?
Me: I need to teach sometimes to keep my certificate for when I want to teach again some day.
Nathan: I don't want you to do that.
Me: Why not?
Nathan: I want you to stay here so you can kiss and hug us all day long.
Me: Aaaaw...that is so cute...and you know it!
Nathan: You should put what I said on your Facebook.

Preschool on St. Patrick's Day

Today was an exciting day!

1. It was St. Patrick's Day. Aunt Laura got the kids cute matching shirts to wear. Elizabeth wore her green bow. Aunt LeAnne got Elizabeth a cute St. Patrick's Day dress. Elizabeth wore that dress to preschool on Tuesday.

2. It was Nathan's sharing day at preschool! He brought his Sonicare toothbrush. He also brought his toy garbage truck that the garbage man gave to him!

3. I caught Nathan writing his name for the first time and managed to GET IT ON CAMERA! I couldn't believe my luck. What are the odds?

Nathan and his show and tell bag. He had his toothbrush and toy garbage truck inside.

I caught him trying to write his name! There's an "N." Then, he skipped the "A." Then he wrote "T" "H" "A". He was in the process of writing the last "N" when I caught the picture.

Elizabeth at playtime. She ran around and played with the toys.

The best picture I could get in their matching St. Patrick's Day shirts.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Elizabeth's St. Patty's Day Dress

Aunt LeAnne sent Elizabeth this darling dress for St. Patty's Day! Grandma Jane found some cute green leggings.

Elizabeth is getting to be such a big girl! Today, she did something that made me realize that she probably understands EVERYTHING I say.

We were playing. I saw her grunting and straining so I knew what was going on. I asked her if she needed her diaper changed. She nodded her head and grabbed her diaper. I asked her to walk down to her room so we could change it. She turned and toddled down the hall. She went and laid on her changing towel and put her bottom in the air. I was astonished! I wonder when more words will come? She doesn't speak many words yet. Hi, bye bye, shoe, and that's about it. Nathan talked really late, so perhaps she will too.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Nathan and Jeremy were in town at the grocery store the other day.

Nathan saw some purple tulips and said, "Mom loves purple! We should get her these flowers."

So they got me the tulips.

When Nathan got home, he walked up the stairs with the flowers and said, "I love you Mom." (I think he was coached, but it was still cute).

Nathan quote from today

"When snot runs out of my nose, I like to lick it off with my tongue."

Watching Elizabeth grow

When Cheerios get dumped, she likes to pick them up and put them back in the cup!

Toddling around

Advertising for Great Aunt Karen

Playing games with Grandma

On a scooter!

Is it spring yet?

Snow Games

Winter still seems to be in full swing here on March 5th. We've still got lots of snow in the yard. Nathan likes to go out and shovel paths through the snow. He also likes to sled down a small hill we have here. Here are some recent snow photos.

Sledding Together

Getting pulled by Dad

My big helper

Paths through the snow

Jeremy's new snow blower. Since we regularly get snowfall that is 5+ inches at a time, we needed a good snowblower. Shoveling 5+ inches is a lot of work!

Snuggled up watching Dad snowblow.

Last Day of School

The last day of school was June 12th. 4th grade and 2nd grade are now over! Nathan had his best school year ever and Elizabeth had a pretty...