Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cute things Elizabeth says

Elizabeth loves to talk. She says the cutest things. I just wanted to jot a few down so I can remember them forever.

"Count! One, two, three....ten!"

"Claire!! Come. Here." (Rather demanding, huh? And what happened to Mama?)

"Ready, set, go!"

"Knees and toes." (This is from the song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.")

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spokane Fair

We went to the Spokane Interstate Fair last week. The whole preschool went on a field trip. The kids are wearing their orange preschool field trip shirts.

It had been very hot out. However, the day of the fair, the weather changed dramatically. It was very cold during the morning we were at the fair! However, by lunchtime, the weather had warmed up.

Nathan and Elizabeth loved watching these water balls. It was their favorite exhibit.

Nathan was also a big fan of the hot tubs. He ran up to every one to check inside. He especially enjoyed the huge one that was also a pool.

Nathan also enjoyed the can crushing machine. He would have watched that thing all day. We had to go back twice.

Rides are ridiculously expensive. $3 a ride per kid! But we let the kids go on a few rides. Elizabeth was only big enough to go on the carousel as long as I was with her. She really enjoyed it!

Here she is watching Nathan on the car ride. She was too little. She seemed a bit sad.

Here is Nathan on the car ride! He always loves the car rides. He says they are his favorite.

I love to see Jeremy holding hands with both kids and walking around. It's just darling!

Lunch time! I was trying to get the kids to look at the camera. It didn't work so well.

Nathan also really liked the big pumpkins.

We got to ride on a little train. Nathan really liked that. First, we toured the big train and then got to go on a little ride.

The kids weren't too terribly impressed with the animals. Probably because we see the animals all the time on our rambles! I was hoping they would have some pigs at the fair because we don't see pigs often, but there were none there.

There were some ducks and rabbits that they liked to watch.

All in all, it was a fun day at the fair. It's so much nicer now that they are older. Elizabeth isn't quite as fussy and can walk.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nathan doing cute things

Nathan is wearing: Thomas shirt, Thomas shorts, and Thomas undies. He has a Thomas plate, Thomas cup, and Thomas napkin. Too bad there is no Thomas silverware!

He loves to blow bubbles and pretend he's blowing "gold dust" just like on Thomas.

This is the biggest piece of Cinnamon Toast Crunch he's ever found. He said, "Look! It's as big as my head!" And yes, those are Thomas pajamas.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I treasure mornings in our house. The kids are fresh and at their cutest. I just adore them in their pajamas. They're so soft and darling and rested.

Elizabeth likes to toddle around the house drinking her bottle. Then, I get her into her high chair and she and I eat breakfast together. We laugh over the cereal I put on her tray that she shoves in her mouth and she giggles when the pears I give her disappear. Our breakfasts go on for a long time, but it's so much fun. We arrange her stuffed animals and books so they "watch" her eat breakfast since they're not allowed to be on her tray. She LOVES these little "My Little Pony" books Aunt Laura got her. She toddles around with them and pretends to read them. She organizes them.

Nathan likes to lounge in the brown chair while eating copious amounts of breakfast sausage, cereal, fruit, and drinking his oat milk. He likes to watch "The Cat in the Hat" and "SuperWhy."

Then, he'll shut off the TV and disappear into his room. He'll emerge a few moments later all dressed and ready to go. Then, he'll go in the bathroom and brush his teeth by himself. (I then come in and help him brush the "backs" just to make sure he gets his teeth done well).

Elizabeth and I get her dressed and then the kids like to play in the bathroom and we talk and laugh while I put on my makeup and try to make my hair decent.

Preschool starts tomorrow. We're going to need to pick up our pace! We tend to dally in the mornings.

Elizabeth is so cute in these pajamas I can hardly stand it! Purple is definitely her color. Thanks for the jams Grandma Jane! See, she has her pony book and her bottle.

Here's Nathan looking adorable in his Thomas pajamas while eating his breakfast and watching his little shows. Again, thanks for the jams Grandma Jane!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

September playtime

We've had such amazing September weather so far!! We've spent as much time as possible playing outside while we can. I grabbed the camera on one of Jeremy's days off to capture some family play time.

Swinging. Elizabeth only wants Jeremy to push her because I apparently do not perform underdogs correctly. Nathan thinks my underdogs are satisfactory.


Playing in tunnels

Any guesses as to who took this picture of Jeremy and I? Hint: It was a 4 year old boy.

They love to jump in the jumpy castle Jeremy found at a yard sale!


Picking tomatoes in the garden.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Aunt Laura's house

The kids love to go see Aunt Laura! We went over to visit on this fantastic warm September weekend.

She has a park right around the corner!

This lasted about 10 seconds. I was lucky to get a picture!

Aunt Laura cooked us some chicken nuggets and tater tots. She also had some tasty fresh food out of her garden! Nathan helped her pick some peppers and tomatoes. She also had some cantaloupe so that was gone in about a minute.

We tried to eat outside but those annoying wasps wouldn't allow it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conversations with Elizabeth

I was putting away laundry today. Specifically, I was putting away Nathan's underwear. Elizabeth was watching. Here's how the conversation went.

Elizabeth (pointing to herself): "Undies. Baby. Store."

Me: "You want me to get you some undies at the store."

Elizabeth: "Potty!"

Me: "Wow, I'll have to find you some cute undies. You can pick some out."

Nathan: "I think she's going to want princesses. Or Tinkerbell."

How does he know about the "girl" stuff? I'd rather she NOT get princesses or Tinkerbell as I get sick of seeing that stuff, but that's probably all they have. I wonder if they have just flowers or girly colors?

I also can't believe a 19 month old wants to have undies! I guess girls are just earlier than boys in this department.


We have a lot of fun going on family "rambles." The kids and I go on a ramble most days when the weather is nice. When Jeremy is home on his weekends, we all go together. Nathan will still sit in the stroller and Elizabeth loves it! Our neighborhood has so many animals that they love to look at. Elizabeth especially loves the animals. We see lots of chickens and horses and dogs. We get barked at by a lot of dogs! Their favorite thing to see are the goats. Elizabeth is also a big fan of the donkey. We also see quail and a big turkey.

We ramble along and don't go too fast. The kids just enjoy the views and we get to spend some time outside in the beautiful summer weather!

Starting out on our ramble.

Look, here are the chickens next door! Elizabeth likes the one with the fluffy white head.

Looking at some horses.

Walking along the trail.

They love to watch these goats! The owner told us we can feed them anything we want. Weeds, apples, carrots, etc.

Elizabeth likes to run along when we let her. Nathan doesn't want her to run away so he tries to hold her hand.

Pretty sunlight.

Elizabeth is telling this dog to "come." She wants all the animals to come.

Nathan found a feather with a lot of pretty colors.

Elizabeth come back! She likes to run up the trail away from us.

There are quail in the trail. Elizabeth tried to catch them.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Fort

This spring, Jeremy cut down a bunch of little trees in our "Back 40." It's the back 1/2 acre of our property that we haven't really done anything with. We're trying to clean it up a bit. Well, he cut down a LOT of little trees.

So, he decided to make the kids a little fort. He spent a few hours here and there this summer cutting logs and nailing them together to make the fort. Elizabeth liked to help bring him the nails. And Nathan helped him pick which logs would go where.

Well, the fort is finished! Jeremy even made a little table and some little stools to go inside and play at. It's a neat little playhouse!

Here are some photos.

The day the fort was finished, they were running laps around the outside of the fort rather than playing inside!

Here's Nathan eating some tomatoes he picked out of the garden. He has really enjoyed being the "tomato picker." Every day, he takes a bowl and goes and picks the tomatoes. He still calls them potatoes though. I think it's easier to say. It's cute!

Here's a view of the fort with a very small person running out of it.

Inside of the fort. Elizabeth is showing off the table and stools Jeremy made.

Little cabin in the woods. Complete with a fire pit!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Melon Eaters

The kids LOVE melons! Nathan and Elizabeth eat melons like they are going out of style. Nathan will eat a whole cantaloupe in a day. If I don't stop him, he'd probably eat a whole watermelon! Thanks Papa Norm for bringing us such wonderful melons!

Here, have a piece! We can probably eat this whole bowl if Mom doesn't take it away!

Another day, another cantaloupe devoured.

My melon baby!

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