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Nearly Naked Nate

This is Nearly Naked Nate. He is the ghost of Hogwarts they don't really talk about. He likes to float around in only a diaper-particularly in evenings. Sometimes he likes to fly around on broomsticks (notice little Firebolt on floor). Most of the food he tries to eat goes right through him. You can't ask him for any advice on ghosts, legends, or where a horcrux might be as he can't talk. I can imagine he IS the cutest ghost though. AND he is not scared of the Bloody Baron. He's fearless!


We had some friends over for dinner tonight. They were excited to be able to go over to another house for dinner. It's very unusual for them to get invited places. Why? They have issues with food allergies in their family. They can't have gluten or milk products. It was nice to have people over who understand how difficult our situation is. They've had us over several times too, and I always know that Nathan is safe eating there. Plus, I don't have to bring food especially for him with us. That is usually what I have to do when we go to people's houses to eat. So we usually don't go anywhere to eat.

Jeremy went to Canada last week. He had some overtime last week working with the border patrol. He got to ride around on Polaris Rangers so he had fun doing that. He spent all day driving on the smugglers' trails.

Nathan and I have been spending a LOT of time outside lately. Most of the day time non-napping hours we are outside. He loves playing in the yard. He …