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4th of July Hugs

Nathan is not a hugger. He never hugs me and I feel very sad about this! However, last night, I found a way to make him hug me! Not just hug me, but run to me and cling on to me in a HUGE embrace for MINUTES! How did I accomplish this hugging?

Sadly, this secret is not one I would recommend.

Neighborhood fireworks. They scared him to death. Every time a firecracker went off, he would run to me in terror and throw his arms around me. And hold on for a long time! So year, not a nice method, but it worked. The thing is, even though they scared him to death, he didn't want to come inside. It was strange.

Other than that, our 4th of July was pretty uneventful. We took Nathan to the town
4th of July festival during the day. He got to jump in a fun jumpy castle type toy. (With Jeremy as there were a lot of big kids). Jeremy had to leave for work at 5 pm, so Nathan and I stayed home during the evening and watched the neighborhood fireworks. There were a lot! People in our town love lots of…