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We had a very small Christmas this year due to the weather. Jeremy went and picked up Laura in Spokane. Jeremy's Mom drove down from Colville. I cooked up a Christmas Eve feast and we opened presents. Since it was such an unconventional Christmas, we decided to open presents before dinner so that Jeremy's Mom could leave quickly after dinner since the snow was still coming down at an alarming rate. Nathan was totally overwhelmed with all the gifts. He kept turning around in circles trying to figure out what to play with next. It was really cute!

Christmas Day was spend shoveling snow. In the evening, we put Nathan to bed and Jeremy and I headed to Spokane to see Twilight! Laura had the easiest baby sitting job ever as the baby was already in bed. That was the first movie I had seen in the theatre since July of 2007 and the last Harry Potter movie. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and totally uncomfortable but I have this thing that I have to see all the Harry movies in the theatre.…

Santa and Snow

We've officially given up trying to get Nathan's picture with Santa! Today was our last try. The third time was not the charm. Here was our track record.

Try #1: Nathan would go no where near Santa. He just screamed and screamed.

Try #2: We were on our way back from Spokane. The pizza place by our house had a Santa. Nathan decided to throw a tantrum in the car. He screamed for probably 40 minutes, so we just bypassed Santa and headed home.

Try #3: Just now, the local coffee stand was supposed to have Santa. We dressed Nathan all up, and drove over there, sliding all over the road. No Santa! He cancelled due to weather.

Santa was not in the cards this year. Maybe next year!

So we've been getting quite a lot of snow. It's quite ridiculous! I believe we're up to about 20 inches. Another storm is supposed to bring us much more tomorrow.
I've tried taking Nathan out in it, but even with his snow boots, he keeps falling over and cold snow gets down his boots and in h…

Our First Snowfall

We're getting our first snow of the year! The first snow is always so exciting. However, the excitement usually wears off pretty quickly. Last year, we had so much snow and a serious case of cabin fever. One day last year, we got 13 inches in one day. We did not have a snow blower. Luckily, Jeremy had the day off and literally spent all day shoveling out our driveway (we have a big driveway). So this year, we went and purchased a snowblower.

Last night we got about 3 inches of snow. Jeremy had some fun using his new toy. He said it's sure faster than shoveling.

I took Nathan out to play in the snow yesterday. Last year, he was too small to go outside of course. So I take him outside, and he will not leave my side! He was so apprehensive about walking out into it. I got him to hold some in his hand and he threw a little snowball.

Today, the temperatures started dropping. They're supposed to be down really super low. Like in the single digits, so Nathan will not be attemptin…