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Boots and Frogs

Gram found some blue irrigation boots for the kids! She bought them a few sizes too big so they should last a while. 

Nathan found a frog in the ditch. There were a lot of frog eggs there too so Nathan was pretty excited. 

He caught the frog to look at and then put it back in the water so it could be near the eggs. 

May Weather

Here is the sun report for May!

Sunny: 25 Some Sun/Some Clouds: 3 Cloudy: 3
We had 0 snowy days.  We had 0 foggy days.  We had 5 days with some rain.  We had 4 days with crazy wind (over 20 mph)

Our yearly total for 2016 through May:

Sunny: 88 days
Some sun/some clouds: 33 days
Cloudy: 31 days

Snow: 3 days
Fog: 9 days
Rain: 25 days
Crazy Winds (over 20 mph): 13 days

8 year old drivers

Watch out everyone. Nathan is driving all by himself! 
Nathan can finally completely reach the pedals in the Kubota. Papa Norm has been teaching him to drive for years and he can now finally drive all on his own! 

I rode next to him. It was VERY weird to be sitting in the passenger seat next to your 8 year old who is driving independently! I can't believe I'm old enough to have a child that drives! I was amazed at how well he can drive. It has finally clicked and he's completely gotten the hang of it. 
He has no problems keeping the Kubota just where he wants it. When he goes around corners, he slows down perfectly to take the turns. It was just a weird, weird feeling for me to see him as an independent driver! By the time he's 16, he will have been driving on his own for 8 years! My goodness. Thanks for all the lessons Papa Norm! 

Feather writing

We were at the park yesterday and Elizabeth picked up like 20 goose feathers to bring home. We didn't realize why she wanted them so badly. 
She got home and put them all in a yellow cup (as you can see). Then, she proceeds to get out all her different colors of paints so she can write with the feathers! 
Someone has been listening to too much Harry Potter!!


The kids are having a great time eating up the blueberries! Raspberries are coming on now too!

Fruit Salad!

Our garden has been producing strawberries for awhile now.  The kids have loved picking and eating those.

They've been carefully watching the blueberries and raspberries and decided today that the first ones were ready!

So they each made a fruit salad today. It had many strawberries. Then, they each had 1 blueberry and 1 raspberry.

We've gotten broccoli, asparagus,  and lettuce too, but for some reason the kids don't make vegetable salads the way they do fruit salad.

Last Day of Sunday School

I snapped a few pictures of Elizabeth doing activities on the last day of Sunday school. 
Feather blowing races

Squirting rocks with water! 

Queen of the Stump

Elizabeth likes to stand up here and yell, "I'm queen of the stump!!!" 

The Coldest Place on Earth

Laura, I think you'll like this conversation I had with Nathan.

We were talking about different places on earth.

Me: "Nathan, is Antarctica the coldest place on Earth?"
Nathan: "Yes."
Me: "So where is the second coldest place on Earth? The Arctic?"
Nathan: "No. Spokane."

I think he listened to us complaining  (frequently) about those 6 month winters!

WSU vs. Gonzaga

The Cougar baseball team came to Pasco to play the Gonzaga Bulldogs tonight! We decided to go to the game. 
Elizabeth with Butch Cougar. She said she whispered, "Uncle Brian, is that you?" 

Kids with Butch. Papa Norm in background. 

With Gram-hugging her Butchy. 

It was sure a perfect evening for a game! It was 82 degrees with no wind! Not too cold, not too hot! 

It was funny because on the way to the game, Nathan had been moping about how he hadn't seen his kindergarten teacher for awhile. We sat down at the game, and she showed up along with the principal and several teachers from his old school! Here he rushed up to hug her. 

She sat and talked with him for the first 3 innings! He was elated! So far in his short elementary education career, his teachers have all been WSU grads! 3/3! I'm sure the streak will not last forever, but it's been fun. 

A selfie with Dad.

Another selfie

I took Elizabeth home at 8:30 because she was started to complain about being tire…

Brian and Karen Reception

Here are some pictures I took at the wedding reception. 
Auntie Laura with the kids. 

Auntie Laura and Elizabeth
Auntie Laura and Nathan
Me and the kids
A family photo
Jeremy and I
Jeremy and Elizabeth
Elizabeth checking to make sure her flower petals were still there. 
The Wakeman extended family. The wind really picked up toward the end of the day!

The Villager extended family The Villager family
Jeremy and Brian dancing.  Elizabeth spinning her dress around. 

Karen throwing her bouquet. One of her bridesmaids caught it! 

Nathan dancing with Karen. 

More dancing. 
Cake cutting

Brian and Karen's Wedding!!

Here are the pictures from the wedding! 

Uncle Rod, Aunt Susie, Uncle Doug and Teri waiting. 

Aiden, Abramm, Michele, and Uncle John waiting. 

Jeremy escorting Carol down the aisle. 

Here are the pictures of Elizabeth as flower girl. She did a great job!

She was very careful to sprinkle the petals all over. Laura said that she saw her miss a spot, so she turned around and went back to add more petals. 

Thank you Papa Ray and Kim for all the petals! They picked all their roses. 

Nathan was quite quick with his ring bearer duties. He rushed up the aisle very quickly. He did not want to be seen in the bow tie. 

Elizabeth standing with the girls. 

Here come Karen and her Dad. 

Nathan standing with the boys. 

The ceremony
The veil was quite beautiful but the wind liked to blow it around!
Karen's Mom helping adjust her veil. 
I didn't get any pictures of them leaving. It happened so quickly!