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Jeremy had to work Christmas, but said it was ok for us to leave. Nathan woke up Christmas morning with no fever! Finally! It took 3 days. We loaded up the car and drove up to Royal. 

The kids in the Christmas tree corner. 

Pippa and Henry got new toys!

Auntie Laura got Nathan this great new cougar hat!

Auntie LeAnne got the kids lots of books!

Pippa and Henry wrestled around. 

Papa never had a bb gun as a little boy, but he got one 60 years later!

Pippa helping open presents. 

Elizabeth's cute new hat from Auntie Laura. 

Nathan and Auntie LeAnne discussed dogs. 

Nathan got the whole Harry Potter series! Thanks Gram! 

I wish I had taken more pictures of the nice updates Papa and Gram have done in their house! I will have to next time once they get all new furniture and bed comforters and things like that. You can see the nice new carpet  and windows in the pictures. 

Gram had a scrumptious dinner of ham and potatoes. 

Oh, later that evening, Elizabeth said she wanted to go to bed early. That was extremely suspicious. I took her temperature, and yes, it was 102 so I knew we were in for 3 days of a fever. Nathan laid around for 3 days. Elizabeth; however, ran around like nothing was wrong even though she also had the fever for 3 days. Interesting. 


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