Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gram's Jewelry Box

Elizabeth was playing in Gram's jewelry box.

She pulled out this bracelet that's gold with large sparkly stones.

She said, " OOOH!!! This is so beautiful. This is the prettiest thing I've ever seen! I LOVE it!  Can I have this?"

Gram said, " Well, not now, but maybe when you're a big girl."

Elizabeth, "You mean when you're old like Grandma Helen?"

Elizabeth spent a lot of time wearing Gram's jewelry and marveling at the sparkles.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More Sledding!

We did more sledding today! The sun decided to come out so it was very pretty! 

Elizabeth waiting for Papa to give her a pull. 

There she goes! 

Nathan posing on the sled. 

Laura and Nathan rode the sled together!

Papa tried to make better sled trails by using Nathan for weight. 

Papa started pulling two people! 

Here come Laura and Nathan. 

Those little sleds were hard for we grown ups to fit into. 

Nathan turned himself into a unicorn with this icicle. 

Sledding out on the road. Nathan could go a LONG way on the sled since it's all downhill. He said he was scared to sled on the road (even though there are barely any cars.)

Pippa would run beside him on his way down. I guess she was making sure he was safe. 

The kids peeled apples with Papa to make an apple crisp. There was a nice fight about who got to's always been Nathan's job but now someone else is big enough to peel. Nathan doesn't like that. 

They decided to take turns cutting up the apples into smaller pieces while the other peeled. It was a good compromise! 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A visit to Gram's.

Jeremy left for Explorer Academy for a week. The kids and I came up to visit Papa Norm and Gram. We were lucky enough to come up while there is a great deal of snow on the ground! And it's not melting away as the temperatures are staying below freezing! That means lots of sledding! 

Nathan zooming down the hill. 

Elizabeth coming back up from a nice ride. 

Papa Norm and his 60 year old sled! It still works!

Papa tired himself out giving everyone starting pushes! 

Laura and Pippa frolicking in the snow. 

Papa got out the Kubota and everyone had fun getting pulled. Pippa was the supervisor in the Kubota. 

Elizabeth tried on ALL of Gram's jewelry! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hats and Mittens

Gram got me this great hat and gloves set and Auntie Laura got Elizabeth this cute kitty set. Elizabeth had been wanting a scarf so to get a scarf with kitties was pretty exciting for her! She also got a Mama Cat (from Kim and Papa Ray) that actually has a place in her tummy for kittens. She thinks that's the greatest thing ever! 

I liked this picture of us and our new warm accessories! 

Sunday, December 27, 2015


We had Christmas at our house this year! Jeremy and I got everything cooked and we set out the wedding china for everyone. 

Jeremy got this picture of everyone except himself and Brian and Kim. Kim was sick! What a horrible day to be sick. Get better soon Kim!  

One more picture with the snowman. 

Uncle Brian moved in with a lot of presents. 

The kids got some great presents as usual! 

I was in a very bad place for taking pictures. Too much sun streaming in through the windows! 

They wore almost the same color purple! 

Taking some family photos. 

Jeremy did not have to work. Yay! However, he leaves for Explorer Academy tomorrow for a whole week. The kids are, of course, home for the next week. 

Grandma Pam brought everyone fresh eggs! Here is Uncle Brian getting his eggs before he leaves. 

Grandma Pam stayed with us for the night. She helped the kids with their first sewing projects! They made blankets! 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Papa Ray's Snowman

We have no snow left here. Papa Ray has 10 inches at his house. He decided to bring the kids snow for Christmas! 

He built a snowman in the yard. 

The kids liked the new mountain. 

The mountain disappeared as Papa Ray worked hard to shovel all the snow out. 

Nathan found an old carrot. 

Working hard to assemble Mr. Snowman. 

Dad came and sprayed water on the snowman so he would stick better. 

The final product! 

We took a few pictures with our snowman. 

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