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Nathan LOVES to swing. It's one of his favorite outside things to do.

Well, his swing is getting a little small. However, it's just about getting to be the right size for Elizabeth. We put her in for the first time, and she didn't appreciate it too much. I'm sure she'll love it with time!

Look Who is Sitting on her own!

Here's Elizabeth sitting on her own! Right at about 6 months. It's so cute to see her sitting on the floor reaching for toys. She's just so small!

Tents and Tunnels!

Nathan got a tent and tunnel last Christmas from Grandma Jane and Papa Norm.

Then, for his birthday, he got a Thomas tent from Papa Ray and Kim.

He now has two tents with a tunnel connecting them! Such fun!

This is why he has a big boy bed?

We walked into Nathan's room to get him up from his nap and this is what we found.

He was asleep on the floor NEXT to his bed. With his 2 ducks and blankie of course.

He does sleep in his big boy bed most all of the time.

Nathan is 3!

Today was Nathan's 3rd birthday party. It's so hard to believe he's 3! He was so incredibly excited for his party. We had a "Thomas" party. Balloons, cups, plates, etc. Nathan wore his Thomas undies, shorts, AND shirt. (I would just like to say he kept his Thomas undies dry ALL day. I think he's officially potty trained!)

Grandma Jane was just wonderful and baked the egg/milk free cupcakes for us. We frosted them with blue and red frosting which was the closest we could get to Thomas!
Grandma also brought many Thomas balloons.

A lot of people came to the party! A few little friends and pretty much all the relatives. All the grandparents were there. Aunt Laura, Uncle Brian and Chelsea were there.

It was a nice hot day. We had some stations for the kids to play at. We got out the little pool, the Sprinkler ball, the bubbles and of course the sandbox is always available. The kids had a fun time playing in these!

Jeremy barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs. All food w…

Elizabeth is 6 months

Elizabeth is 6 months old!

Eating lots of solid foods.

LOVES playing with her feet and toes (as seen in the pictures)

Likes to kind of hang out in her jump-up. Not jumping yet.

Reaches and wants to grab everything!

Everything goes in her mouth.

Still a very fussy baby. It's difficult to keep her happy. She fusses a good portion of the day. We can get smiles sometimes.

Her eczema is still really bad (we think this might be why she's so fussy). We cannot keep her skin moisturized and she scratches constantly. Every part of skin she can reach is covered in scratches. It's more difficult because it's summer so we can't keep her completely covered up like we could do in the winter.

Still getting up 3 times a night.

Napping better!

She now has 2 teeth coming in. (Another reason she could be fussy). They've poked through now.

Likes it when Nathan plays peekaboo with her! He's good at making her laugh even when he's not trying. She finds him fascinating.…

Playtime with Elizabeth

Elizabeth LOVES playing with her toes.

We got out the Jumper today. She's having fun just kind of bouncing. She'll get better!

Diapers for all!

It was hot this day!!

Nathan's big boy bed!

Nathan finally has a big boy bed!

The bed arrived yesterday and Jeremy and Nathan spent a few hours getting the bed all put together.

Nathan was SO excited. We got a twin size Thomas comforter (of course).

The bed itself has two drawers on the bottom and shelves for a headboard. Nathan thinks this is a nifty place to keep his little stuffed animals.

He slept in it no problem last night. Didn't hear from him at all just like usual. he even napped in it today.

One last thing to make him a big boy....potty training...