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Wheat Harvest

Papa Norm's wheat was ready to combine so we headed up! 

Papa doesn't have his own combine, so he hires someone to do it. 

Here is the wheat pouring into the truck! The truck will drive to Kennewick to get the wheat to the river. 

Climbing up to join Luke the combine driver. 

Watching the wheat pour into the hopper which was pouring into the truck. 

There was plenty of room for all! An extra seat for me and Nathan could squeeze between me and Luke. Elizabeth sat on my lap. Mostly though, the kids just stood up and walked all over and around the steering column. 

The combine was on GPS so no one actually needed to steer except around corners. Here is Nathan steering around a corner. 

Driving along at 1.9 mph. No hands on the wheel! 

They had lots of room to stand. They liked to pretend they were surfing on the wheat. 

When Luke hopped out to check on something, the kids wanted to check out the driver's seat. 

After riding for awhile, we let Luke continue on his way. 

Watching him go. 

The clouds were really pretty that evening. They were rather threatening thunderheads but luckily nothing came our way! 


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