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We headed down to the Rollarena to skate a few days ago. Papa Norm had really wanted to try roller skating again. He wanted to come on a day when it wasn't busy. So we headed down on a Wednesday afternoon. It wasn't terribly busy. Papa Norm just didn't want to run the risk of getting knocked over by someone if there were a lot of people around. 

Elizabeth zoomed around on her tiny little skates. 

Here comes Nathan! He zoomed around very well too. 

Here's Papa coming around. Papa had a hard time getting going. He hadn't skated in probably 40 years! So I think he just had to practice. 

Here's Nathan doing the limbo. He won! He says he's never won the limbo before so he thought that was just great. 

Stopping by to say hello. 

Here comes Papa around again. 

 I also skated, but since I was taking pictures, you don't see me! Gram watched and guarded the purses. We only skated for about an hour. Nathan took a huge random fall. He hurt his wrist a lot and just cried and cried. So we left. Maybe we'll try another time!


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