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We went to the Summerfest festival in Royal last weekend!

We went to the parade. Here are the kids watching the Royal Marching Band. 

We love floats, but they are so rare these days! Here is Ritzville's float. It was the only float in the parade. 

After the parade, we went back to the grandparents for lunch. We watched Pippa nap like this. 

After lunch, we went back to the park for more festivities. Here the kids (black shirt and striped skirt and Nathan has a purple shirt), are planning how to grab a ping pong ball when it falls out of a plane. A plane flies by low, drops ping pong balls with numbers on them, and zooms off. The kids all grab a ball and run for the prize stand. 3 lucky kids that have the right numbers win a bike! 

All the kids dashing out to grab the ping pong balls after the drop. 

Elizabeth cut her toe on a weed running to the prize booth, but Nathan zoomed ahead. When I got there, he was picking out a bike! He won a bike! Since he was the first kid to claim a bike prize, he got to pick the one he wanted. It's the next size up for what he will need! So that works out well. 

What's weird is that he won a bike a few years ago too. I think he was 4 or 5. What is up with this kid and winning bikes at the ping pong ball drop? Well, he he got unlucky in the health department so it's nice to see he's gotten lucky in the "bike winning" department. 

We had to call Papa Norm to come down in his pickup and get the bike. 

We ate some snowcones. 

Since it was my birthday weekend, Gram and the kids made a special birthday treat for me! It was a blueberry bar recipe. Very yummy! All Nathan safe. 

Poor Jeremy was stuck at work. He missed all the bike and blueberry fun. 


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