Friday, July 22, 2016

A Visit to Grandma's!

We went up to visit Grandma Pam. It also happened to be her birthday!

Jeremy did a bit of roof work. 

The kids played in her creek a bit. 

Elizabeth stomping around in the creek. 

She told me she was trekking to the "End of the World." 

She got her hand caught on a weed. 

She liked to climb out the chicken's door and cluck like a hen. 

She looked for a few more eggs. 

Nathan really wanted to touch a chicken. 

Elizabeth played with Uncle Brian. 

Uncle Brian trying to shake out Elizabeth's loose tooth. Nathan was going to catch it. It didn't work. 

The drive home. 

It was a very pretty evening on the drive home. 

The moon was really big just as we were getting home! 

The new middle school by our house is really going up. 

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