Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July Activities

We had a really fun 4th of July this year. Jeremy had the day off. Our neighbors across the street had a fun party. Our city still allows all fireworks that are legal. It's a very crazy place to be on the 4th of July. The first year, I was a little shocked at how insane it is. Huge fireworks just go off constantly from 6 to 11:30. Then, they slowly die out and usually by midnight you can go to sleep. 

People from all over the Tri-cities buy their fireworks and then come to our town to shoot them off at friends' houses. So it gets quite crazy. I'm used to it by now and it's pretty fun. 

I did not take this picture. It was in the Tri-Cities Herald. Someone in our town climbed up on their roof to take the picture. I'm not sure if they superimposed fireworks into the picture or not, but I would honestly believe this picture! Fireworks everywhere!  Jeremy and I actually did climb up on our roof to have a 360 view. It was amazing! The kids stayed below, however. 

The neighbors had their kid pool out so all the kids played in the pool. I didn't take any pictures until Elizabeth was out of the pool. 

Nathan and Jeremy having some hot dogs and chips. 

The one decent picture I took of the two of them together. 

Doing the smoke fireworks. Colorful smelly smoke! 

My kids were apparently scared of something here and ran away at the same time. 

My two boys and their red shirts. 

They had new sidewalk chalk! 

Elizabeth played Yard Yahtzee. She's throwing the dice here. 

Nathan kicked around a ball with some of the other kids. 

This is the "Kids Fire Department." Every time someone did any kind of fireworks, they would rush out with their water squirters to put out any remaining hot spots. It was really cute and funny. They did it all night! Sometimes, the fireworks weren't even done, and they'd come and hose them down. There was a big pool of water so it was easy for them to run and get water. 


Me trying to take pictures with my own camera phone. 

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