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WSU vs. Gonzaga

The Cougar baseball team came to Pasco to play the Gonzaga Bulldogs tonight! We decided to go to the game. 

Elizabeth with Butch Cougar. She said she whispered, "Uncle Brian, is that you?" 

Kids with Butch. Papa Norm in background. 

With Gram-hugging her Butchy. 

It was sure a perfect evening for a game! It was 82 degrees with no wind! Not too cold, not too hot! 

It was funny because on the way to the game, Nathan had been moping about how he hadn't seen his kindergarten teacher for awhile. We sat down at the game, and she showed up along with the principal and several teachers from his old school! Here he rushed up to hug her. 

She sat and talked with him for the first 3 innings! He was elated! So far in his short elementary education career, his teachers have all been WSU grads! 3/3! I'm sure the streak will not last forever, but it's been fun. 

A selfie with Dad.

Another selfie

I took Elizabeth home at 8:30 because she was started to complain about being tired. Papa and Gram also left when we left. The boys stayed for the whole game though! After the game, there was a fireworks show! Nathan loved that. He also got a picture with "Dusty" the Dust Devil who is the usual mascot here AND Butch. 

The Cougars lost 5-2. 


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