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Brian and Karen Wedding Rehearsal!

We just finished up a great weekend of wedding festivities for Brian and Karen! It was so much fun! 
The wedding venue was at the American Homestead in Naches. 

Elizabeth posing in the great field. 

Nathan posing in the field. 

The wedding seats. 

A pretty garden area. 

Here was was the rehearsal. Uncle Brian and the pastor waited up front. 

Jeremy was a groomsman and got to escort Karen's sister Carol! Here they are practicing their perfect walk up the aisle. 

Elizabeth practicing throwing her petals. 

Nathan practicing his walk. He would carry a pillow. 

The first time, they had Elizabeth stand with the boys but then realized she needed to stand with the girls. 

Karen and her Dad practicing their walk. 

We're never sure what the kids will be able to eat wherever we are, so I always bring snacks and lunches and dinners. Before the rehearsal dinner, the kids ate dinner! Then, we headed off to the Rehearsal Dinner. 


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