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Brian and Karen's Wedding!!

Here are the pictures from the wedding! 

Uncle Rod, Aunt Susie, Uncle Doug and Teri waiting. 

Aiden, Abramm, Michele, and Uncle John waiting. 

Jeremy escorting Carol down the aisle. 

Here are the pictures of Elizabeth as flower girl. She did a great job!

She was very careful to sprinkle the petals all over. Laura said that she saw her miss a spot, so she turned around and went back to add more petals. 

Thank you Papa Ray and Kim for all the petals! They picked all their roses. 

Nathan was quite quick with his ring bearer duties. He rushed up the aisle very quickly. He did not want to be seen in the bow tie. 

Elizabeth standing with the girls. 

Here come Karen and her Dad. 

Nathan standing with the boys. 

The ceremony

The veil was quite beautiful but the wind liked to blow it around!

Karen's Mom helping adjust her veil. 

I didn't get any pictures of them leaving. It happened so quickly! 


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