Friday, May 13, 2016

Brian and Karen Reception

Here are some pictures I took at the wedding reception. 

Auntie Laura with the kids. 

Auntie Laura and Elizabeth

Auntie Laura and Nathan

Me and the kids

A family photo

Jeremy and I

Jeremy and Elizabeth

Elizabeth checking to make sure her flower petals were still there. 

The Wakeman extended family. The wind really picked up toward the end of the day!

The Villager extended family
The Villager family

Jeremy and Brian dancing. 
Elizabeth spinning her dress around. 

Karen throwing her bouquet. One of her bridesmaids caught it! 

Nathan dancing with Karen. 

More dancing. 

Cake cutting

Garter belt toss. Nathan won! It was just him and that one other guy. I guess Nathan will be the next one married! 

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