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Brian and Karen Pre Wedding Photos

The day of the wedding was very busy for all! A great amount of pictures were taken. It was very fun! Here's a giant amount of pictures. Everyone was dressed up and so picture taking was a necessity!

The kids in their flower girl and ring bearer clothes. They were posing in front of the reception hall. 

All the Moms and grandkids! 

Me and my two Wakeman Moms! 

Papa Ray said he could pick Elizabeth up by her ears. 

The flower girl with grandparents. 

The biggest issue of the day. Nathan did NOT want to wear the bow tie. He cried and cried. All the adults thought the bow tie was the cutest thing ever. However, he said he didn't like it when people called him cute or saw him in the bow tie. 

Grandma watching the ongoing bow tie saga. 


More crying...

The flower girl spent picture time picking flowers in the meadow and humming. It was SO cute! 

Pam helping Helen get her corsage on. 

Jeremy and Elizabeth. 

A giant Bridal Party picture. The other ring bearer was having a melt down. Perhaps it was the bow tie? 

The bride and groom with the children. 

Immediate families on both sides. Obviously these are not the professional photos so they are the best we could do! 

Pam and family. 

This picture was too funny. Brian and Karen were getting tired of smiling so the photographer told them to stretch out their mouths. I guess Jeremy joined in. 

The Wakeman family picture. 

Picture with Grandma Helen

A bench was found for the kids and Grandma Helen to sit on. 

All the Wakeman boys in a silly picture. 

Brian and his Mom. 

Brian's Dad and Kim. 

Brian and siblings. 

Flower kids. 

Family photo

Family photo

I thought this was a great picture. Everyone heading back to get Karen into hiding before the wedding started! 


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